Agenda 2018

Industries that significantly benefit from the Paperless Lab Academy congress include: Pharmaceutical, Lab Services, Biotech, Food & Beverage, Consumer Goods, Cosmetic, Chemical, Oil & Gas 

People visiting us every year rank from Laboratory Directors and Managers, Operational Excellence, IT Business Partners, QC and QA Management, Research departments to Manufacturing 

empowering the edata life cycle


Data capture strategies
Internet of Lab Things
Intelligent software
External collaborators 


 Master data
Meta data
Data integrity


 Data analytics
Visualisation tools
Data consumers
Industry4.0 in laboratory


Finding the right data
Long-term archiving
Cost & Sustainability Infrastructure

Once again, we´re setting the stage for discussions on strategies and implementation of  21th  century technologies in your laboratory. We work on an agile combination of future horizon view - already running in some industries - and tangible real cases of today concerns.

The Paperless Lab Academy is the ideal learning platform for all companies that own a laboratory, involved in running, consolidating, integrating or simplifying laboratory data management processes.

agenda paperless lab academy


gartner paperless lab academy

Evolving Lab Informatics Value in the Digital Era

Michael Shanler, Research Vice President at Gartner (R&D / Life Science / Manufacturers

gartner paperless lab academy


sanofi paperless lab academy

Managing unstructured big data for document search and retrieval

Murielle Lauglé, Global Solution Leader of R&D Translational Medicine IS platform

sanofi paperless lab academy


lonas paperless lab academy

Case Study: Overcoming the challenge to achieve a fully integrated paperless workflow, while connecting manufacturing with QC

Robert Lutskus, Global Product Delivery Manager lonza informatics paperless lab academy



Dow chemicals paperless lab academy

A journey from data, through DATA, to BIG DATA

May Roca, Statistical Manager 

dow chemicals paperless lab academy


Hovione paperless lab academy
Hovione paperless lab academy

Analytical Lab 4.0: from Digital Twin to Intelligent Systems

Andrea Costigliola, Head of Intelligent Systems

Miguel Ramos Lopes, Knowledge Management

Hovione paperless lab academy


mark newton paperless lab academy

Panel Forum on eData Life Cycle 

Chaiman: Mark Newton, Heartland QA


eric little paperless lab academy

An Enterprise-Level Strategy for Reference Master Data Management: Meeting the Challenge to support analytics in the eData Lifecycle

Eric Little, Chief Data Officers

allotrope foundation paperless lab academy



UCB paperless lab academy

Business Case: Paperless journey @ UCB, wonders and dark side of progressive digitalisation

Eric Maesschalck, AD, Head of Global e-Analytics, Center of Expertise Analytical services

UCB paperless lab academy 


sophie van der Meulen paperless lab academy

Why new GDPR data protection will impact laboratory

Sofie van der Meulen, Senior Supervision Officer at Dutch Data Protection Authority

dutch data protection agency paperless lab academy



accenture paperless lab academy

The Promise of Blockchain and the Future of Scientific Data Management

ToBeConfirmed, Accenture Scientific Informatics Servicesaccenture scientific informatics services




bayer paperless lab academy

GEAR @ Bayer – completing the data life cycle through a living archive

Dennis de la Corte, Senior Project Manager at Bayer Business Servicesbayer paperless lab academy


pistoia alliance paperless lab academy

Which elements of the lab of the future are mature enough to create value today?

Gerhard Noelken
, Business Development Europe 



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