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Silvia Primon QC Manager at Zeta Farmaceutici

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At the PLA® conference, we always endeavour to bring real-life examples to the stage, presented by their own project leader.

This year’s contribution by Mrs Silvia Primon, manager of Quality Control at the Zeta Farmaceutici Group, is something very special for us. She is keen to share her experiences, and, above all, the lessons learnt while introducing the digital transformation journey and strategy at Zeta.
As a leader, Mrs Primon has always been passionate about soft skills and true believer of the driving force that can impulse a team when used correctly.

Soft skills play a critical role in taking a team to the next level by fostering effective communication, collaboration, and overall team dynamics. Since the early stages of the New LIMS project, it has been crucial to utilise her leadership skills in this direction. As the title of her presentation suggests. Blue Sky Project: Soft skills to implement a lab software that “kills”

Blue Sky Project: Soft skills to implement a lab software that “kills”

Building the team’s confidence in a vision for the future and gaining their commitment to realising that vision, has empowered the team to proactively overcome any contretemps along the way. Comments Ms Primon to our event director.

When it comes to implementing software, where every stumbling block is an excuse to delay the project, lose confidence in the project and question the change, this refreshing true story will shed light on a brighter future to achieve fully paperless processes.

Our #PLA2024Europe program has been carefully crafted to discuss the most pressing challenges and exciting opportunities in the digital lab space. From insightful keynote addresses from industry leaders to interactive panel discussions, hands-on workshops from experts and thought-provoking presentations, the conference promises an immersive experience that transcends traditional boundaries.

As we navigate this digital landscape together, we encourage you to actively engage, ask questions and collaborate with fellow participants.

The Paperless Lab Academy® is not just a conference, but a dynamic platform for sharing knowledge, networking, and fostering the evolution of labs around the world.

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