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Accenture’s Scientific Informatics Services.
Where scientific innovation meets leading-edge technology.We combine scientific and laboratory informatics expertise with strategic and business consulting capabilities, industry platforms, innovation approach and global scale to revolutionize how scientific and laboratory processes are conducted. We work with our clients to streamline technology and processes, and harness the power of data, to remain competitive within today’s changing scientific informatics ecosystem.


Agaram Technologies is a global provider of enterprise class products like Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS), Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN), and Scientific Data Management System (SDMS). Agaram’s flagship products Qualis LIMS®, Logilab ELN®, Logilab SDMSTM and Interfacer middleware are focused solutions for quality control and research laboratories predominantly in the regulated industry. We deliver LIMS for various other industry verticals like pharmaceutical, environmental, petroleum, chemical, food, dairy, metallurgy, clinical pathology, clinical research etc.


AgiLab offers the most advanced unified laboratory digital platform to support operational process from R&D, QA/QC through manufacturing. Built using the latest future-proof web technology powered by Oracle®. AgiLab leverages technologies to help laboratories to accelerate their R&D for faster time to market, improve collaboration across their departments, enhance their decision-making capabilities and meet the increasing regulatory requirements with ease.




Arxspan LLC was founded in 2011 to deliver cloud-based scientific informatics tools to customers around the globe. That same year, Arxspan's multi-tenant cloud ELN was released to customers in the academia and biotech market place. The ELN was launched with an enterprise-level feature set designed to support small biotech start-ups as well as global pharma. Arxspan released the integrated Registration module in 2013 in collaboration with multiple customers. In 2017, Arxspan released the Workflow module to enable close coordination of compound/biologic request and fulfilment between companies and their external collaborators. Recently, the Data Publisher was released to simplify the integration of Arxspan and other enterprise, legacy and AI data platforms. Today, Arxspan offers a complete enterprise informatics suite including modules for ELN, Chemical and Biological Registration, Chemical and Biological Inventory and Assay Data Management, with system-wide search and reporting functionality. Arxspan customers/users are based in North America, Asia, India and Europe. Arxspan continues to deploy its world-class platforms, tools, services and best-in-class support to a rapidly growing customer base. On March 4, 2019, Bruker Biospin acquired Arxspan LLC as a strategic platform to bring SaaS based enterprise tools to their customers.



Autoscribe Software Solutions: Provider of specialist Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) and Quality Management Systems Software. By leading the way in system configuration techniques Autoscribe software solutions can match your exact requirements without writing any programming code. This enables Matrix LIMS solutions to keep pace with changing business requirements leading to longer
system life, lower costs and improved return on investment.Autoscribe Informatics offers industry leading configurable future-proof database management applications. Solutions include Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) and Quality Management Systems that are configured to match user requirements and can easily adapt as needs evolve.



Benchling at Paperless Lab Academy

Benchling is powering the biotechnology revolution: Biotechnology is transforming every aspect of our lives – from the drugs we take, to the food we eat, to the clothes we wear. To make these innovations a reality, life science organizations need better-engineered processes, greater predictability, and greater scalability. Benchling is making this possible by enabling rapid, iterative development, empowering faster and smarter decision-making, and accelerating the move to labless companies – for the benefit of us all.

Science has evolved. Software hasn’t. Legacy software was built according to outdated, inaccurate notions of how scientists and R&D organizations work. Benchling was founded on the belief that scientists' tools should reflect the way scientists actually work. Since day one, we've developed Benchling in close coordination with researchers and R&D organisations across a wide range of scientific modalities. This means that no matter your science, Benchling will work the way that you do.





Binocs at Paperless Lab Academy

Binocs is an enterprise cloud solution that enables short-, mid- and long-term visibility into your resource demand and capacity, and can schedule experts and equipment accordingly.
More than 850 teams use Binocs for capacity planning using scenario analysis, to automatically schedule analysts and instruments, and to measure past and project future planning adherence, resource utilization and throughput.

Binocs is your digital twin for : Quality Control Labs and Quality Operations, R&D and Process Development, End-to-End Cell & Gene Supply Chain Planning, Clinical R&D, Regulatory Affairs and CMC. Gartner and BCG position Binocs as a digital enabler for the lab of the future.

Binocs is Bluecrux’ flagship solution for resource planning and scheduling. Bluecrux was founded in 2011 and grew to an organization with more than 130 planning experts operating on a global scale



CALIBER paperless lab academy

Caliber is a name synonymous with Quality Management. With world-class solutions and supreme functionality, we are proud to be key solution providers to leading companies in the world. Our products are used in domains like Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and QC, Research & Drug Development, Petrochemicals, Water & Environment, Food Testing, and Public Health. We strive to consistently deliver impactful solutions that can result in a huge turnaround in Quality, Compliance, and Automation.



CDD Vault is a complete informatics platform hosted through an intuitive interface. It helps project teams manage, analyze, and present data for biotech companies, CROs, academic labs, research hospitals, agrochemical and consumer goods companies.




Connected Labs is an IoT solution to enable communication between your equipment and your information system.
The Connected Labs solution makes it possible in particular to: c
ollect, consult and transfer data, measurements, analyses; follow parameters in real time; trigger alerts and notifications; pilot the instruments; make the instruments accessible to third-party systems; manage metrology: maintenance, calibration, etc; monitor instrument usage load. This solution works with 2 main components: The LicoBox: or IoT Gateway, "grafted" onto each of your instruments to make them communicating, The LicoCenter: or IoT Platform, central communication server to collect, display, and transfer data.



Dassault Systèmes, the 3DEXPERIENCE Company, is a catalyst for human progress. By creating ‘virtual experience twins’ of the real world with our 3DEXPERIENCE platform and applications, our customers push the boundaries of innovation, learning and production. Dassault Systèmes’ brand BIOVIA helps connect people, resources, processes and data within and between the different labs and provides a unified role-based user experience. The integrated laboratory capabilities, applications and services of BIOVIA Unified Lab help to reduce regulatory risks, improve operational excellence and support collaboration.




DEXSTR at Paperless Lab Academy

DEXSTR is a Life Science IT company specialized in integration and visualization of heterogeneous scientific data using ontologies, advanced search, and AI technologies. Our Insight Engine named Inquiro, offers groundbreaking solutions to scientists in Life Science in order to ingest, understand, organize, query and share their unstructured data. Inquiro Software solution:  Inquiro unleashes the power of internal scientific data by: allowing easy handling of high volumes and varieties of data, reducing time to insights, capitalizing on assets, avoiding to redo experiments, creating serendipity using data.  DEXSTR applies its expertise in large scale Life Sciences industries such as pharmaceuticals, agri-food, and cosmetics areas. Data discovery service:  You are in a Merger or Acquisition process or a product Licensing In/Out? The DEXSTR data discovery offer allows you to identify what data are talking about and relevant for you.  Our customers estimate that they were able to increase x30 the way they can integrate data in their system.


Digital Lab Consulting provides independent strategic consulting to enable organisations of all sizes transform their business through better use of informatics. We provide clear, actionable advice to help companies find the most effective solution for their environment.
We provide a range of strategic and business consulting services, including business requirements analysis, process mapping, business case development, technology selection, deployment strategy and project management.
We have over 20 years of experience across the entire value chain, from early research to manufacturing. Our expertise covers a wide range of technologies, including laboratory systems, manufacturing systems, data analysis, visualization, knowledge management and semantics.



eppendorf logo

Eppendorf is a leading life science company that develops and sells instruments, consumables and services for liquid handling, sample handling and cell handling in laboratories worldwide. Its product range includes pipettes and automated pipetting systems, dispensers, centrifuges, mixers, spectrometers and DNA amplification equipment as well as ultra-low temperature freezers, fermenters, bioreactors, CO2 incubators, shakers and cell manipulation systems. Consumables such as pipette tips, test tubes, microplates, and single-use bioreactor vessels complement the range of highest-quality premium products.

Eppendorf products are most broadly used in academic and commercial research laboratories, e.g., in companies from the pharmaceutical and biotechnological as well as the chemical and food industries. They are also aimed at clinical and environmental analysis laboratories, forensics and at industrial laboratories performing process analysis, production and quality assurance.

Eppendorf was founded in Hamburg, Germany in 1945 and has more than 3,300 employees worldwide. The company has subsidiaries in 26 countries and is represented in all other markets by distributors.



EUSOFT. Our aim is to contribute the growth and added value creation of analysis and quality control laboratories. Thanks to Eusoft.Lab, our Cloud LIMS in SaaS, it is possible to manage digitally the laboratory activities and data. We want to work with our customers as partners, helping to automate all their processes through project management and highly customizable solutions. We are able to help them with the whole laboratory management implementation process, from configuration to installation, from training to service and maintenance.
Since 1997, Eusoft has been focused in creating software to help managing testing activities, in compliance with quality standards regulations and the appropriate accreditation bodies.
Today Eusoft is a global company with more than 35 people and offices in Bari, Milan and London, and multiple international partnerships.

Our continuous commitment is focus on maximizing company’s management system in order to increase our value proposition and customer satisfaction. Our quality system is based on Quality Assurance & Quality Control principles, with the aim of granting quality of the work and products and services’ quality by each company human resource.
EUSOFT considers data security a fundamental factor for its information assets and clients’ intellectual property protection. For this reason, Eusoft chose to build a management system in accordance with the international reference standards ISO 9001, and ISO / IEC 27001.


gilson paperless lab academy

Gilson is a family-owned global manufacturer of liquid handling, purification and extraction solutions for the life sciences industry. We help researchers advance the pace of discovery by creating easy-to-use lab instruments that improve reproducibility and traceability. Since 1957, we’ve been developing innovative products such as PIPETMAN®. By partnering closely with the scientific community, we’re continuously advancing our product offerings and have added automated pipetting systems and software to our portfolio. Backed by worldwide R&D, service, and support, Gilson strives to enable verifiable science and make lab life easier for our customers.



Global Value Web GVW is an expert in the field of reliable and accessible data, connecting the dots and improving our client’s value chains. Our goal: to boost your performance, optimize your data and enable you to serve your customers better than ever before! GVW believes data can be a way to unify functions and processes in organizations. We ensure continuity of business through compliance and data integrity. GVW’s experts work with your professionals and provide valuable insights, enabling your experts to run operations more efficiently with lower cost and lower margins of error. Furthermore, we supercharge the development of current products and processes through data accessibility and the shared knowledge of the GVW Value Partners.



Inpharmatic Srl is a company that develops and integrates software solutions mainly for the pharmaceutical market.
It was born from the partnership of two historically consolidated companies in the reference market:

                        • Adeodata, with its contribution of knowledge of digitisation processes, compliance requirements and validation activities.
                        • Klan.IT, with its experience in software development (with a wide portfolio of products), integration of platforms/solutions, IT architectures and digital technologies.

The aim of this synergy is to offer the pharmaceutical market specialised solutions for the digitalisation of processes, in full compliance with GMP requirements.
Inpharmatic Srl has developed a suite for the integrated management of processes, consisting of:

                        • Ioi - Integration of instruments: paperless and centralised management of laboratory and production GxP data, Data Integrity, control and efficiency.
                        • DiLab: digital laboratory notebook



Labforward assists laboratory teams worldwide in their quest to make groundbreaking discoveries and deliver high-quality products. Our team humbly and proudly supports laboratory teams who work relentlessly to cure diseases, unravel life’s greatest mysteries, and create a more sustainable future. We are committed to enabling them by building the optimal set of tools they need to conduct their experiments. That’s why we’ve built our three software-as-a-service products: Labfolder, Laboperator & Labregister, each one optimizing critical steps of the laboratory workflow.



labvantage paperless lab academy

LabVantage Solutions, Inc. is the leading global laboratory informatics provider. Our industry-leading LIMS and ELN  solution and world-class services are the result of 35+ years of experience in laboratory informatics. LabVantage offers a comprehensive portfolio of products and services that enable companies to innovate faster in the R&D cycle, improve manufactured product quality, achieve accurate recordkeeping and comply with regulatory requirements.

LabVantage is a highly configurable, web-based LIMS/ELN that powers hundreds of laboratories globally, large and small. Built on a platform that is widely recognized as the best in the industry, LabVantage can support hundreds of concurrent users as well as interface with instruments and other enterprise systems. It is the best choice for industries ranging from pharmaceuticals and consumer goods to molecular diagnostics and bio banking. LabVantage domain experts advise customers on best practices and maximize their ROIs by optimizing LIMS implementation with a rapid and successful deployment



labware paperless lab academy

LabWare is recognized as the global leader in providing enterprise-scale laboratory automation solutions.

LabWare’s Enterprise Laboratory Platform is a unique and proven suite of products capabilities that encompass LIMS, ELN, and LES method execution in an integrated and enterprise-ready
solution.  LabWare’s Enterprise Laboratory Platform encompasses all of the traditional LIMS and ELN concepts and extends them even further by adding complementary capabilities and technologies. Most importantly, it does so with complete and seamless integration. The result is a single system that meets the diverse needs of the modern laboratory.



lonza premium sponsor PLA2019LONZA INFORMATICS,  MODA TM  is a comprehensive platform for environmental, utility and product monitoring, combining automated scheduling, workflows, mobile data acquisition, device integration, and visual analytics. It eliminates paper-based monitoring and testing that can be expensive, error-prone, time and labor- intensive, therefore enhancing Data Integrity, reducing timelines and potentially saving clients QC costs.




merck logo

Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany, a leading science and technology company, operates across healthcare, life science and performance materials. Merck Life Science’s commitment to advancing and commercializing laboratory informatics has seen its digital portfolio grow through the launches of Synthia™, Milli-Q® Connect, and the LANEXO™ System. In 2019, Merck acquired BSSN™ Software, a Frost & Sullivan Innovation Award-winning provider of data management solutions to facilitate FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable) laboratory data. The BSSN™platform enables the processing, analysis, archiving, and sharing of laboratory data from multiple sources using industry standards like ANiML and SiLA.  

We are committed to helping scientists use open standards to enable greater interoperability in the laboratory. The life science business of Merck operates as MilliporeSigma in the U.S. and Canada.



Mettler Toledo at Paperless Lab Academy

METTLER TOLEDO specializes in the area of precision instruments for laboratory and industrial production. Our instruments are used in R&D research, drug discovery, and quality control labs in the pharmaceutical, chemical, food and cosmetics industries.

We are a global market leader with the three instrument groups most frequently used in the laboratory (balances, pipettes, and pH meters), and we are a pioneer in the field of Automated Chemistry.

Our comprehensive software solutions grants full automation and integration of our vast instrument portfolios within existing system infrastructures, boosting laboratory efficiency while also maintaining full compliance to data integrity regulations.



mycellhub paperless lab academy

MyCellHub’s electronic batch records enable you to create interactive work instructions for your manufacturing, QC or maintenance processes. Capture process data in real time and allow more efficient data flows throughout your organisation. An EBR not only saves time, but significantly improves data integrity.

MyCellHub’s data management application provides a central overview on your available inventory, the scheduled processes and the status of equipment and other resources. The tight integration with our electronic batch records ensures that your data is always consistent and up-to-date. Already have an ERP, MES or LIMS? Rest assured, MyCellHub is designed to integrate easily with external systems.

Data analytics & automated reporting. Released from its paper format, your data can be put to work. Compile complex reports with a single click of a button and get actionable insights into your process with our analytics, focusing on product quality and cost of goods.


Omnibond is a software development company focusing on products based in foundational technology areas. These areas include computer vision, cloud based high performance computing, parallel storage and identity & security management. We develop and support identity management solutions, which are sold through our long-time partner, NetIQ.
We provide development and support services for OrangeFS, the scalable software storage solution for HPC and Big Data.
We develop CloudyCluster for self-service High Performance Computing in the Cloud.
We are pioneering computer vision technology for the transportation and retail industries under our TrafficVision brand.





 Optima Laboratory resource management system

Optima is a LRMS - Laboratory Resource Management System, a web-based resource management tool that helps you plan and track the laboratory activities, coordinate your resources and generate reports to smartly forecast. 
Track your lab performance: Full visibility on your lab performance. Resource utilisation  instrument usage and availability for allocation immediately visible in the weekly schedule with easily customisable reports. 
Monitor the process improvement: Set your lab goals in the application and monitor the achievement on a weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly basis. 
Communicate efficiently: Avoid endless e-mail and unnecessary meetings. Provide the lab workload information to your customers with automatic reporting and remote access to their project. 
Laboratory management system: Import information from any compatible laboratory management system. With Optima, laboratory activities can be easily automated.

perkin elmer informatics

PerkinElmer Informatics delivers a comprehensive suite of scientific informatics and software solutions from instrument generated data, to enterprise solutions to cloud applications, providing scientists with the necessary tools to aggregate, search, mine, analyze and visualize critical data to help turn data into actionable insights in an automated, predictive and scalable way.

Our solutions include the industry leading ChemDraw(r) application; Electronic Lab Notebooks (cloud based Signals Notebook and enterprise E-Notebook, the TIBCO Spotfire platform for scientific data analytics for both research & clinical development and our Signals Research ecosystem of Signals Lead Discovery, Signals Screening as well as solutions for Translational Research & Clinical Analytics



scifeon paperless lab academy

Scifeon helps you get more time for science – by doing away with menial copy-paste tasks in spreadsheets. At the user level, Scifeon is a digital lab assistant that collects research data and results at the source, organizes it and stores it in a database. At the corporate level, Scifeon is the key to proper digitalization of your lab work and research processes.
Scifeon helps you get results, faster, as it improves your lab’s data stewardship and makes it easier to share data and communicate with team members and other departments. As easy to use and as flexible as a spreadsheet, Scifeon helps you optimize lab workflows and the use of your lab resources by providing a better lab overview.

Built for scientists by scientists, Scifeon adapts to your way of working. As your work changes, simply add, remove or even script your own modules to customize Scifeon to your research projects and methods. A cloud-based subscription service, Scifeon is easy to get started with and easy to terminate – without losing your data.



Honeywell_Sparta Systems

Sparta Systems, a Honeywell Company, brings leading-edge quality management solutions to regulated industries. With TrackWise® and TrackWise Digital®, Sparta provides enterprise and cloud-based QMS software solutions that help companies go to market faster and deliver the highest standards for product quality, compliance and customer satisfaction. Sparta is an innovator in its field and is driving smart quality with first-of-its-kind AI-enabled quality solutions. By applying the latest digital technologies, our products simplify the process of quality management and guide customers toward proactive quality.

The combination of Sparta Systems and Honeywell brings together Sparta Systems’ quality management leadership with over 100 years of industrial and software expertise from Honeywell. Together, Sparta and Honeywell will shape the future of digital quality and operational excellence for the life sciences industry.



Synthace logo

Synthace is an interdisciplinary team of computer scientists, biologists, mathematicians, and chemists pioneering new ways of working digitally in biology.

We’re backed by world-class investors and a growing collection of partners working on the hardware, software, and wetware required to truly industrialize biology’s potential.

We believe that technology can empower scientists to unleash the infinite potential of biology


TetraScience is the R&D Data Cloud company with a mission to transform life sciences R&D, accelerate discovery, and improve and extend human life. While the company was founded in 2014, we began our R&D Data Cloud journey in 2019 with the origin of the Tetra Data Platform (TDP).
The Tetra R&D Data Cloud provides life sciences companies with the flexibility, scalability, and data-centric capabilities to enable easy access to centralized, harmonized, and actionable scientific data and is actively deployed across enterprise pharma and biotech organizations.

As an open platform, TetraScience has built the largest integration network of lab instruments, informatics applications, CRO/CDMOs, analytics, and data science partners, creating seamless interoperability and an innovation feedback loop that will drive the future of life sciences R&D.



ThermoFisher scientific paperless lab academy

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. (NYSE: TMO) is the world leader in serving science, with annual revenue of approximately
$40 billion. Our Mission is to enable our customers to make the world healthier, cleaner and safer. Whether our customers are accelerating life sciences research, solving complex analytical challenges, increasing productivity in their laboratories, improving patient health through diagnostics or the development and manufacture of life-changing therapies, we are here to support them. Our global team delivers an unrivaled combination of innovative technologies, purchasing convenience and pharmaceutical services through our industry-leading brands, including Thermo Scientific, Applied Biosystems, Invitrogen, Fisher Scientific, Unity Lab Services, Patheon and PPD.



vivenics paperless lab academyVivenics wants to boost innovation and productivity in life sciences laboratories through data process optimisation and dedicated informatics solutions.
In labs all over the world life sciences professionals discover ways to create a healthy, safe and sustainable world. Their efforts are recorded in data. The organisation of this research process defines the integrity of data, the quality of information and the possibilities for managing research and results. More and more R&D organisations recognize the importance of dedicated informatics solutions, but lack their own IT department. Vivenics offers them the required expertise and affordable (cloud based) solutions based on Software as a Service.




Waters paperless lab academy

Waters Corporation is an analytical instrument manufacturer. The Company designs manufacture distributes and services instrument systems, columns and other chemistry consumables that are integrated and used along with other analytical instruments. The Company operates through two segments: Waters Division and TA Division. Waters Division's products and services primarily consist of high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), ultra performance liquid chromatography (UPLC), mass spectrometry (MS), informatics and chemistry consumable products and related services. The Company's products are used by pharmaceutical, life science, biochemical, industrial, nutritional safety, environmental, academic and governmental customers working in R&D, QA/QC and other laboratory applications.



wega Informatik paperless lab academy

Wega Informatik AG, With over 27 years of experience of delivering effective solutions, we have established ourselves as a quality service provider for the Life Science R&D and IT sector. Our detailed attention to customers’ needs has resulted in successful open and interactive partnerships based on trust. With more than 75 carefully selected internal employee’s and a large network of specialized freelancers, wega has the capacity and resourcefulness to implement and staff larger projects effectively and efficiently.

Wega is a solution provider offering specialists and services covering the whole life cycle from process and requirement analysis to implementation and maintenance, utilizing our command of conceptualizing systems and an excellent knowledge of the current product market.

Wega consists of four competence centers which are closely collaborating to ensure end-to-end services in the Pharma & Life Science sector.



The Paperless Lab Academy® is a great opportunity to get a good understanding of the industry offering. Each edition is supported by more than 20 solution and service providers every year. 

They come from Europe, USA, Canada, India ... and they offer you their latest solutions to your problems, latest recommendations for your concerns and share a good amount of user cases, white papers for you to understanding how other companies have define their digital strategies.

You'll find systems and also experts on how to best approach your digital journey.