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The Promise of Blockchain and the Future of Scientific Data Management



Accenture paperless lab academy 2018

Name:            Patrick Pijanowski

Title:               Managing Director, Pharma & Life Sciences Practice

Company:    Accenture Scientific Informatics Services

Presenter´s biography

Mr. Pijanowski brings over 30 years of professional experience related to laboratory operations and scientific informatics.

Throughout that time, Pat has served in various roles focusing upon LIMS, Electronic Laboratory Notebooks, laboratory instrumentation and related scientific data systems. 

During the past 6 years, he has managed a Pharmaceuticals & Life Sciences consulting practice within LabAnswer, and delivered strategic advisory services to many of the world’s top life sciences organizations.  Prior to joining LabAnswer, Pat served as the Chief Operating Officer for LabVantage Solutions, and prior to joining LabVantage, he served as the General Manager of the LIMS business unit within Applied Biosystems.

Mr. Pat Pijanowski is today the Managing Director at Accenture Scientific Informatics Services after the acquisition of labAnswer by Accenture

Mr. Pat Pijanowski as also presented at #PLA2017 presentation LabAnswer: "Transformational Solutions start with a comprehensive data strategy"



Trust, and the integrity of financial transactions are at the heart of today’s digital economy.  In much the same way, trust and the integrity of our scientific data are at the heart of today’s world of digital science.

While significant investment has gone into the automation and digitalization of the laboratory over the past decade, life sciences companies’ digital initiatives are still largely constrained by technology limitations wherein information is captured in a database, transmitted to another database (owned by a separate internal or external stakeholder) and then reconciled.  This exchange of data between systems is often an area of great regulatory risk and operational expense.

Blockchain’s ability to generate trust around the issues of data provenance and the automated sharing of data has the potential to allow life sciences companies to break through some of these technology limitations, enabling greater operational efficiency and decreased compliance risk.

The speaker will share insights and a vision of the future regarding the promise of Blockchain technology as it applies to scientific data management


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