eData Life Cycle Panel Forum

The PLA2018 includes this year a panel forum discussion along the central  theme of the event : Empowering the eData Lifecycle

Discussions will be centred in the 4 main key areas:"eConnect, eManage, eDecide, eArchive"

  1. Discussion Topic: eConnect Lifecycle
    1. Robust date/time stamps of electronic records and transfers
    2. Interface Management
  2. Discussion Topic: eManage Lifecycle
    1. The Promise of Blockchain
  3. Discussion Topic: eDecide Lifecycle
    1. The Cost and Pain of Information Theft (IP, Privacy)
    2. The Cost and Pain of Fraud (changing, deleting, picking data)
  4. Discussion Topic: eArchive Lifecycle
    1. Archives and Data Standardization
    2. Data Conversion 
    3. Data Retention and Recovery
mark newton

 Mark Newton Principal at HeartlandQA ( Eli Lilly retired)

 30+ years of experience in pharmaceutical manufacturing. During my career, I designed and supported LIMS systems, standalone lab instruments, lab informatics and metrics, validation, quality systems, and data standards. I have been deeply involved in data integrity since 2011, co-developing and delivering data integrity training to people in QC Laboratories, Manufacturing, and IT. I was co-editor of the GAMP Good Practice Guide "A Risk-Based Approach to Compliant Computerized Laboratory Systems", released Nov. 2012. I was an author team member for the GAMP Records and Data Integrity Guide released in April, 2017. Since 2014, I have been a co-leader of the ISPE/GAMP Data Integrity Special Interests Group (SIG).

Maud Destrée

Maud Destrée, e-Analytics Operations Manager at UCB Pharma

  • PhD in physical chemistry – modelling & simulation of polymers
  • 16 years of experience in deploying IT solutions for hospitals (operating block) and pharmaceutical industry (research)
  • 3 years of experience in laboratory data management
Marco de Groot

Marco de Groot, Research Information Manager at DSM Food Specialities

Marco studied Chemistry at the University of Amsterdam and graduated with a master in biochemistry. He wrote his PhD thesis on Arabinose catabolism in the fungus Aspergillus niger at the Wageningen University. After a few postdocs in proteomics he specialized in Bioinformatics to bridge the gap between biochemistry and statistics.

The last seven years he held several positions in DSM from Scientist Bioinformatics to currently Project Director RT&D IT and RT&D Data and Information manager for the DSM Biotechnology Center.

Lawrence Barrat

Lawrence Barrat, independent constant (former Global e-Science Director at Unilever)

Dr. Lawrence Barratt joined Unilever Research in 1985 after graduating in Physics. In 1993 he was awarded a PhD for his work  in computer simulation of electromagnetic fields within microwave ovens and their subsequent interactions with food products. In 1998 Lawrence became the head of Knowledge and Information Science at the Unilever Colworth Laboratory and subsequently the Global IT Director for Unilever R&D 2006-2011. Latterly , Lawrence lead a major transformational global programme within Unilever R&D to establish a data and IT infrastructure for e-Science – successfully implementing an Electronic Laboratory Notebook and launching a major modelling and simulation initiative. After leaving Unilever in 2017, Lawrence is now operating as an independent consultant.

Pat Pijanowski

Pat Pijanowski, Managing Director at Accenture Scientific Informatics Services

Mr. Pijanowski brings over 30 years of professional experience related to laboratory operations and scientific informatics.

Throughout that time, Pat has served in various roles focusing upon LIMS, Electronic Laboratory Notebooks, laboratory instrumentation and related scientific data systems. 

During the past 6 years, he has managed a Pharmaceuticals & Life Sciences consulting practice within LabAnswer, and delivered strategic advisory services to many of the world’s top life sciences organizations.  Prior to joining LabAnswer, Pat served as the Chief Operating Officer for LabVantage Solutions, and prior to joining LabVantage, he served as the General Manager of the LIMS business unit within Applied Biosystems.

Pat is today the Managing Director at Accenture Scientific Informatics Services after the acquisition of labAnswer by Accenture