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Paperless Lab Academy® goes Digital

Welcome to the new initiative of the Paperless Lab Academy® platform. We wanted to build on the momentum created during the congress editions and provide continuity along the year so that you could find interesting and stimulating information and discussions about transforming your Laboratory, Research and Quality processes.

What you should expect to find 

Topics rank from basic to experts levels about scientific data management, lab informatics solutions, new concepts and methodologies, digital optimisation and strategies for mastering your data and extract the maximum insights from them.
Presenters are users, experts and through  leaders from diverse industries.
The material offered here is a combination of Webinar organised by the Academy that also includes a list of webinars from our partners.

ACADEMY Webinars

Industry Webinars

PerkinElmer Academy WebinarConnected Laboratory Workflows:  Signals Notebook a cloud based ELN and Instruments
Tuesday, November 23 2021 - 15:00 CEST  

The Paperless Lab Academy® is glad to propose under the Academy Webinar Program umbrella, a presentation from PerkinElmer Informatics about direct instrument integration and exploring collaborations with instrument integration platforms through some successful proof-of-concepts and examples. REGISTER



INPHARMATIC: The Data Review in the Pharma Industry Laboratories

20211019_Academy Webinar InpharmaticINPHARMATIC - The Data Review in the Pharma Industry Laboratories

[On Demand ] 

The Paperless Lab Academy® is glad to propose under the Academy Webinar Program umbrella, a presentation from Inpharmatic about the benefits of a paperless scenario for raw data, with or without a LIMS. 

DEXSTR: How to easily find and access your documents anywhere, anytime

DEXSTR Academy WebinarHow to easily find and access your documents anywhere, anytime.
Discover how an enterprise search engine works.
[On Demand] 

The Paperless Lab Academy® is glad to propose under the Academy Webinar Program umbrella, a presentation from DEXSTR about finding your data instead of desperately searching them. 

THERMOFISHER SCIENTIFIC: The journey to a digitally transformed laboratory

Thermo Fisher academy webinarThe journey to a digitally transformed laboratory
[On Demand ]
The Paperless Lab Academy® is glad to propose under the Academy Webinar Program umbrella, a presentation from Thermo Fisher  Scientific  about how to develop a realistic strategy for your digital projects. 

CALIBER TECHNOLOGIES : Planning a Tomorrow-ready QC Lab

Tomorrow ready QC LabPlanning a Tomorrow-Ready QC Lab 
[On Demand ]
This Academy Webinar presentation from Caliber about  the critical digital changes to be brought into the QC lab to make it Tomorrow Ready. The focus is still limited to removing paper-related obstacles and reaping a finite number of short-term benefits. But there can be more to lab digitalization!

WATERS: Lab Efficiency and Data Integrity with Empower Plus Solutions

Lab Efficiency and Data Integrity with Empower PLUS SolutionsSmall steps in automation, big gains in Lab Efficiency and Data Integrity with Empower PLUS Solutions
[On Demand ]
This Academy Webinar presentation from Waters that will demonstrate how much more you can do with the systems you already have and how to plan for phased implementations and incremental extensions to automate your laboratory workflow.

DASSAULT SYSTÈMES: Digital Continuity from R&D to Manufacturing

digital continuity from R&D to manufacturingDigital Continuity from R&D to Manufacturing
[On Demand ]
This Academy Webinar presentation from Dassault Systèmes is about how BIOVIA solutions help CROs, CMOs and CDMOs achieve collaborative innovation & operational excellence through Digital Continuity. Going Paperless with BIOVIA solutions is the key that helps organizations attain Digital Continuity and transform.

Academy webinar Accenture

Intelligent Automation and Digital Transformation in Quality Management
[On Demand]
This Academy Webinar presentation from Accenture is about the new challenges faced in the Pharmaceutical Industry. Before the global pandemic, the industry was already facing problems of exploding drug development costs and increasingly complex supply chain and regulatory environments, as well as downward price pressure from generics, global health systems and outcome-based pricing models. The unprecedented challenges of the pandemic forcing remote work and demanding tests, vaccines and therapies at desperate speed, only add to the challenges. To date, Quality has throttled speed to market and been a necessary, but precious, cost. Today’s business cannot afford the reactive, manual and still largely paper-based Quality processes.

Accenture webinar

Digital QC Transformation and Accelerated Batch Release 
[On Demand]
This Academy Webinar presentation from Accenture is about helping clients gather data and facilitate an electronic batch record, resulting in less stress, and less time to release the batch. This presentation and discussion will explore the imperative for digital transformation in the context of the pharmaceutical laboratory, plant and supply chain – all in the context of the exceptional times and new digital normal we are all adapting to.

Merck Lanexo Webinar

Unleash your Lab´s Productivity 
[On Demand] 
This Academy Webinar presentation from Merck is about the opportunities to  improve productivity, compliance, and safety in laboratory management through digitalisation. Mr. Kuechental will discuss about the reasons why traditional lab management is still wasting time and energy and how to overcome most challenges.

Academy Webinar_Accenture

Why the Digital laboratory is the next business innovation Imperative
[On Demand] 
This Academy Webinar presentation is based on Accenture research on digital transformation in the lab, sharing the key enablers for connecting labs, areas of focus for innovation, and steps to chart your own course to digital lab excellence.  
Mark Fish will also share insights and practical examples from clients and technology ecosystem partners on how ‘life in the laboratory’ has been transformed by bringing Information Technology breakthroughs into scientific labs.

Academy webinar_ dassault systèmes

How to Boost your Batch Release
[ On Demand] 
Most of the labs in QC are electronic already today. But usually this means that LIMS and LES are ubiquitous but remain disconnected, with data in silos. These silos require manual data transfer to and from other systems, which leads to errors and inefficiencies which lead to delays in the batch release.
In this webinar, we will show how BIOVIA’s integrated QC lab informatics solution operates, how it benefits from integration, connectivity and standardisation and how it improves the batch release process and compliance.

webinar food innovation

Food Innovation goes Digital
[On Demand]
The food economy is bigger and more diverse than you probably assume. Moreover, there is more innovation for the food economy happening than the statistics suggest, but it´s not always traditional science. Chemistry is a good example of the changing role of sciences in food R&D. As a consequence, an Electronic Lab Notebook, #ELN, is still a good start to digitalise a food lab, but must be fit for the industry.

How a paperless approach can help Data Integrity in a regulated laboratory
[On Demand]
Data Integrity continues to be the major issue facing regulated laboratories in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.  In this seminar, we looked at results from the assessment of processes and computerised systems and discovered the main issues currently facing regulated laboratories: how to record observations manually, regulatory concerns with the use of blank forms and explore the hybrid system problem. 

FAIR DATA, DATA Catalogs, and the foundations of AI artificial Intelligence 
[On Demand]
At the Paperless Lab Academy® 2019, held last spring at the Lake Maggiore, we discuss intensively the archival part of the eData life cycle. Automation of the laboratory processes is all about data management. The technology available nowadays allows definitely easier integration between systems of different type and with instruments and devices too. So many information can be collected adequately and in the most compliant manner. Yet the archiving tends to be seen as the very last step of a data and considered as the last item in a digitalization project.

On Demand


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WEGA: The Digital Lab of Today

wega Informatik youtube playlist[OnDemand] wega informatik
The Digital Lab of Today. A series of videos by wega Informatiks shows how modern digital laboratories work today.

Gilson webinar[OnDemand] Gilson
Shining Light in Dark Corners of the Lab: Small Data Systems and Their Importance in Lab Digitization

benchling molecular biology[OnDemand] Benchling
High-Throughput Molecular Biology From Your Living Room

Lonza[On Demand] Lonza
Electronic Logs: Replace Paper with Productivity

Biobanking ELN webinar[OnDemand] BioITech, part of Eppendorf Group
Biobanking Tools for ELNs

Synthace webinar[On Demand] Synthace 
Closed Loop design, Build, test & learn engineering principles for synthetic genetic Networks

[On Demand]Benchling webinar Benchling 
Complete Your R&D Transformation with Intelligent Sample Traceability

[ Recorded Success Stories] LONZA Informatics
QC Microbiology Success Story Featuring MODA™ Solution

[On Demand]ELN PerkinElmer PerkinElmer Informatics
There's an ELN for everyone. Find your perfect match.

[On Demand]DSBiovia webinar Dassault Systèmes Biovia 

[On Demand]DS Biovia AI Dassault Systèmes Biovia 
The true reason why you need AI in the Lab