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"Food Innovation goes Digital"

webinar food innovation

Presented by Rik Pepermans, founder at Rik Pepermans Consulting, moderated by Isabel Muñoz-Willery owner of Paperless Lab Academy

The food economy is bigger and more diverse than you probably assume. Moreover, there is more innovation for the food economy happening than the statistics suggest, but it´s not always traditional science.

Chemistry is a good example of the changing role of sciences in food R&D. As a consequence, an Electronic Lab Notebook, #ELN, is still a good start to digitalise a food lab, but must be fit for the industry.

[ Recorded Webinar ]

"How a paperless approach can help Data Integrity in a regulated laboratory "

paperless laboratory

Presented past May 2019, by Mr. Bob McDowall, moderated by Isabel Muñoz-Willery

Data Integrity continues to be the major issue facing regulated laboratories in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.  In this seminar, we looked at results from the assessment of processes and computerised systems and discovered the main issues currently facing regulated laboratories: how to record observations manually, regulatory concerns with the use of blank forms and explore the hybrid system problem. 

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FAIR DATA, DATA Catalogs, and the foundations of AI artificial Intelligence 

At the Paperless Lab Academy 2019 held last spring at the Lake Maggiore, we discuss intensively the archival part of the eData life cycle. Automation of the laboratory processes is all about data management.

The technology available nowadays allows definitely easier integration between systems of different type and with instruments and devices too. So many information can be collected adequately and in the most compliant manner. Yet the archiving tends to be seen as the very last step of a data and considered as the last item in a digitalization project.


Presented at the Paperless Lab Academy 2019 by Mr. Eric Little Chief Data Officer at Osthus.

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