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The PLA® Conference workshops are synonymous with interactive sessions and discussions with subject matter experts.

Most importantly, these workshops are an opportunity to gain an incredible overview of what the laboratory informatics industry has to offer today. Many PLA® conference attendees have highlighted the benefits of the various workshops as a great alternative to the often overly commercialised one-to-one demonstrations.

It has been our experience that successful organisations ensure that all relevant departments are represented so that they can benefit from the various sessions and discuss their issues live.

Workshops content at a glance (6/6)

Clinisys Workshop at Paperless Lab Academy Europe Tuesday 12 March 2024  | 11:30 – 12:30 | Premium Workshop in Parallel Session

During this presentation, Ms Tamara McKenna will explore how laboratory digital transformation can help scientists overcome the challenges and barriers that hinder their innovation and growth potential. She will also provide examples and share best practices of how digital transformation – and the implementation of a LIMS can enable organisations not only to achieve greater efficiency and productivity but make an impact in their fields. Read more …




INPHARMATIC Workshop Paperless Lab Academy 2024 EuropeTuesday 12 March 2024  | 11:30 – 12:30 | Premium Workshop in Parallel Session

Whether you need to capture a measurement, enter additional data and perform calculation replacing an Excel spreadsheet or any paper document remaining in the laboratory, we have the solution for you. With our web and mobile application Dilab – Digital laboratory you can turn your data collection forms, spreadsheets and logbooks into electronic forms, that you can fill-in through any browser and approve with electronic signature. Through our approach, the original layout of your documents is retained, simplifying the adoption of digital forms by analysts. Read more …



Sapio Sciences Workshop Paperless Lab AcademyTuesday 12 March 2024  | 15:45 – 16:45 | Gold Workshop in Parallel Session

Science is complex and scientists need digital solutions that satisfy their specialized and evolving requirements with simplicity and ease, thus reducing the need for IT professionals to support them in their daily tasks.
During this session Mr. Gabriele Magaró will explore how the Sapio Sciences Lab Informatics Platform inherently enables scientists to build their own workflows and processes, collaborate effectively with their peers inside and outside their organisation, and have all the data at their fingertips. Read more …



EUSOFT Workshop at paperless lab academy europe 2024Tuesday 12 March 2024  | 15:45 – 16:45 | Gold Workshop in Parallel Session

The introduction of LIMS software is a critical process for the digitisation of every laboratory. Human factor, technology and project governance are just some of the challenges that Lab professionals face for successful implementation.
In this context, the synergy between laboratory and technology partner is the key factor for a seamless transition to a paperless environment.
Eusoft and Zeta Farmaceutici Group talk about best practices to create the perfect chemistry in a path of digitalization of the Lab and present the real case of a LIMS SaaS (Software as a Service) implementation in the cloud for a pharmaceutical company. Read more …


Agilent Workshop at Paperless Lab academy 2024 EuropeTuesday 12 March 2024  | 16:50 – 17:50| Gold Workshop in Parallel Session

Join us for a dynamic workshop where we unveil OpenLab 2.8, a cutting-edge solution poised to transform laboratory operations. In the first part, discover how we are addressing our customers needs with new features that come with OpenLab 2.8.Afterwards, we’ll delve into the world of chromatography automation, exploring techniques to streamline workflows and optimize results. Don’t miss this opportunity to harness the power of innovation in your lab processes. Let’s build a connection that truly matters. Read more …


LabVantage Workshop at Paperless Lab Academy 2024 EuropeTuesday 12 March 2024  | 16:50 – 17:50| Gold Workshop in Parallel Session

As laboratories evolve, so do their demands for efficiency, agility, and informed decision making. Join our workshop to discover how embracing on-demand cloud technology is pivotal in achieving these goals. In our interactive session, you’ll gain insights into the indispensable role of cloud computing in shaping the lab of tomorrow. Explore how LabVantage solutions with cloud capabilities empower you with AI-driven search, analysis, and automation. Uncover real-world case studies showcasing the immediate and longterm benefits of leveraging cloud computing in laboratory workflows. Read more …

Deep Dive Workshops – a Training opportunity  (2/2)

Robert McDowall at paperless lab academy 2024Wednesday 13 March 2024  | 13:30 – 16:30|  Parallel Training Session

There is no point implementing any computerised system without delivering substantial business benefits.  As a corollary, automating the current analytical process is bad idea as it is likely to be slow and inefficient and automation results in a slow, inefficient and expensive semi-automated process.

Process understanding is a critical but often overlooked component of laboratory automation and digitalisation.  It is unlikely that current business processes in a laboratory can be automated effectively if computerised systems are used in hybrid mode (signed paper printouts of electronic records), paper records are used and manual input to one or more spreadsheets. Read more …


SiLA Workshop at paperless lab academy 2024Wednesday 13 March 2024  | 13:30 – 16:30|  Parallel Training Session

This deep dive workshop aims for preparing you for the application of laboratory digitisation on a large scale through the use of data and communication standards.
As you go through the session, you will understand the role of data and communication standards in facilitating this process.
The session will begin with an overview of SiLA and AnIML standards. We will then explore the use of repeatable patterns to apply laboratory digitisation at scale and conclude with a live session using real instruments. Read more …




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