Key Topics of the PLA2024India

KeyTopics at PLA2024India

PLA2024India, 5th edition, promises a programme full of interactions and discussions. 4 focused sessions and 2 training workshops The main theme of #PLA2024India is Collaboration and Innovation for Successful Digital Transformation. In short, the discussions always revolve around digital data management. The PLA® conferences are about data, process technology, people […]

Takeaways from PLA2024Europe

takeaways from PLA2024Europe

The #PLA2024Europe programme aimed to highlight the importance of the human factor in digital transformation with several presentations and panel discussions. We were pleasantly surprised by how much the audience welcomed these discussions and that the human aspect of DX projects has resonated so much. The key takeaways from the […]

PLA2024Europe Workshops at your fingertips

Post Workshops

The PLA® Conference workshops are synonymous with interactive sessions and discussions with subject matter experts. Most importantly, these workshops are an opportunity to gain an incredible overview of what the laboratory informatics industry has to offer today. Many PLA® conference attendees have highlighted the benefits of the various workshops as […]

Digital Lab reality in Italy

Silvia Primon QC Manager at Zeta Farmaceutici

Vedi l’articolo in italiano pubblicato su   At the PLA® conference, we always endeavour to bring real-life examples to the stage, presented by their own project leader. This year’s contribution by Mrs Silvia Primon, manager of Quality Control at the Zeta Farmaceutici Group, is something very special for us. She […]

What you can expect from the PLA2024Europe Program

Paperless lab academy conference europe program

As the digital transformation of the laboratory fundamentally revolutionises scientific research, the quality control processes of running production lines and the mastery of data management, the Paperless Lab Academy® Conference stands as a beacon for innovation, collaboration and the future of the modern laboratory. Our conference theme this year, “How […]

Hands on Lab Digitisation

2 Deep Dive Workshops PLA2024 Europe

The digital laboratory transformation journey is a comprehensive process driven by technological advances and the growing need for efficient and streamlined scientific workflows. This transformation involves investing in the basic foundations of the laboratory infrastructure to harness the power of digital tools and data management systems. The main goal is […]

Takeaways from the 1st edition PLA® USA Conference

takeaways PLA2023USA

If you haven’t got the chance to attend the first edition of the Paperless Lab Academy® Conference in the USA this last month, we wanted to offer you this retrospective and hopefully having you consider joining the next edition in 2024. The PLA® Conference is planned for offering a balanced […]

Press Release: PLA® Conference 2024 EUROPE


Embrace your Digital Ecosystem for seamless digital processes in your Lab. Discussions at the 11th edition of the Paperless Lab Academy® Conference Europe Published in EINpresswire  The PLA® Conference is pleased to announce its 11th European edition, which will take place on 12 and 13 March 2024 in the city of Milan, Italy, […]

PLA2023USA: Mastering your Data Management

PLA2023USA master data management

In a data-driven world, companies that succeed in gaining actionable insights through data management will be able to innovate faster, develop better strategies and manage change more efficiently. Many organisations today, especially global organisations, have hundreds of separate applications and systems where data that crosses departments or divisions can easily […]