What you can expect from the PLA2024Europe Program

Paperless lab academy conference europe program

As the digital transformation of the laboratory fundamentally revolutionises scientific research, the quality control processes of running production lines and the mastery of data management, the Paperless Lab Academy® Conference stands as a beacon for innovation, collaboration and the future of the modern laboratory.

Our conference theme this year, “How to develop a digital mindset and embrace your digital ecosystem”, reflects our commitment to exploring the latest advances, sharing best practises and fostering a community of forward-thinking professionals.

Our #PLA2024Europe program has been carefully crafted to discuss the most pressing challenges and exciting opportunities in the digital lab space. From insightful keynote addresses from industry leaders to interactive panel discussions, hands-on workshops from experts and thought-provoking presentations, the conference promises an immersive experience that transcends traditional boundaries.

As we navigate this digital landscape together, we encourage you to actively engage, ask questions and collaborate with fellow participants. The Paperless Lab Academy® is not just a conference, but a dynamic platform for sharing knowledge, networking and fostering the evolution of labs around the world.

How to develop a digital mindset within the organisation

An opening focused session on “Developing a digital mindset within the organisation”. 3 keynote presentations, followed by a panel discussion, from Roche Diagnostics, GSK and Zeta Farmaceutici Group will light the discussion on the human factor of ,
3 realities of the pharma industry on its digital transformation journey, its own strategy, its own team and knowledge, its own pace.

  • “Strategic Workforce Planning as a success factor for the digital future” by Andreas Steinle, Digital Integration Lead @ Roche Diagnostics
  • “Blue Sky Project: Soft skillsto implement a lab software that kills” by Silvia Primon, Quality Control Manager @ Zeta Farmaceutici Group
  • “Embracing the Digital Shift: Nurturing a culture of innovation and collaboration in lab transformation” by Domenico Palumbieri, Digital Operations Leader @ GSK

Develop a digital mindset paperless lab academy session

New Digital Experiences

Multiples examples from industry leaders about how they have created new digital experiences.
Every digital lab projects aim for improvements within the organisation. Every single presentation will touch a specific topic from which the audience will be able to discuss further. Such as how to increase efficiency through optimised tasks planning, how to leverage business decision with insightful information, how to develop a data-driven mindset through a decidated tool, how to harmonise and standardise processes,  how to balance GMP, non-GMP tech devlopment, how to apporach lowcode- no code software platfrom …

How to Live and Continuously Grow a Quality Culture of an Organisation

Another dedicated focused session about “ Living a Quality Culture”. 3 experts, 3 different backgrounds, experiences, roles and projects in hands will take us through their journey in driving quality culture within organisations.
Because Quality culture does not come with an “On” button that magically transforms an organisation.  Changing quality culture is the most difficult part of any data integrity program as it requires the whole organisation from the Board Room to the lab bench to have the same culture and ethos that enables individuals to admit their mistakes without fear of retribution.  Through this session, we will explore how data integrity and quality initiatives can be enhanced within an organisation.  To illustrate some quality culture problems, we will use examples from FDA 483 observations, warning letters and the daily challenge in QC.  The aim of these presentations is to generate attendee questions for the discussion session that follows.

Living a Quality Culture paperless lab academy session

Deep dive Workshops: Process Review & Connectivity and Data Management at scale

2 deep dive Workshops dedicated focused session include hands-on opportunities and possibilities to really discuss during 3 hours about the WHY and the HOW of their corresponding theme. Discover more here

Sponsored workshops

Sponsored workshops are very much appreciated by our fellow PLA® audience. It brings the opportunity to grasp the latest of lab informatics solutions available in the market, interact with their subject matter experts .

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