Meet the Organisation

The Paperless Lab Academy® is operated and organised by NL42 Consulting.

The Paperless Lab Academy® project was launched in 2013 with the aim of creating an ideal platform to first discuss paperless processes and then more and more about new concepts, technologies, compliance and people. but always about data!

The PLA® conferences, webinars and training courses are aimed at anyone thinking about consolidating, integrating and simplifying scientific data management systems.

Isabel Munoz Willery paperless lab academyIsabel Muñoz-Willery Ph.D.

Managing Director NL42 Consulting
Event Manager Paperless Lab Academy® 

roberto castelnovo paperless lab academyRoberto Castelnovo

Managing Director NL42 Consulting
Business partners Paperless Lab Academy® 


Miguel Alvariño Gil_lonzaMiguel Alvariño Gil

Quality Innovation Manager @ Lonza Visp

Andreas Steinle

Digital Integration Lead PTD Penzberg @ Roche Diagnostic

patrick pijanowski paperless lab academyPat Pijanowski

Founder & Managing Director @ Scientia Advisory Services

Sergio Nasi Boehringer IngelheimSergio Nasi

Head of Global Laboratory Execution @ Boehringer Ingelheim

Adam Borenstein advisory board paperless lab academy Adam Borenstein

Managing Director – North America Practice Lead @ Accenture Scientific Informatics Services