Presentation GDPR

Impact of new GDPR for science - special introduction with "why privacy matters "



Sophie van der meulen paperless lab academy

Name:             Sofie van der Meulen

Title:               Senior Supervision Officer

Company:   Dutch Data Protection Authority

Gitti & Partners Milan  paperless lab academy

Name:          Paola Sangiovanni       

Title:             Partner at the law firm Gitti & Partners

Company:  Gitti & Partners Milan - life sciences department

Presenters´ biography

Ms. Sofie Van der Meulen works for the Dutch Data Protection Authority. In her position as senior supervision officer she focuses on privacy in the healthcare sector.

Before joining the Dutch Data Protection Authority, Sofie has gained broad experience dealing with various kinds of legal issues in both profit and non-profit environments.

In her previous position as attorney at law in the field of life sciences, Sofie specialized in legal and regulatory issues related to medicinal products and medical devices, with a special focus on medical software, big data and data protection. 

Ms. Paola Sangiovanni, a partner of the Firm Gitti and Partners, is a transactional counsel whose practice mainly focuses on commercial and corporate law, as well as on regulatory issues such as data protection.

Paola especially advises companies active in the field of new technologies, life sciences, renewable energies, software and innovative financial services, which, due to the kind of products and services rendered, require sophisticated and innovative legal solutions. She also provides legal assistance to multinational companies and to their Italian subsidiaries on intellectual property and regulatory issues.


The presentation will start with a very special introduction from Sofie. Who will explain from how it comes that  we are not our data, but data increasingly determines who we are. In this introduction Sofie van der Meulen shares a story, which illustrates ‘why privacy matters’ 

Paola will then present an overview on GDPR ,highlighting the most important obligations for the life sciences sector when processing personal data and the key issues for laboratory operations.