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Business case : Paperless journey @ UCB, wonders and dark side of progressive digitalisation



UCB paperless lab academy

Name:             Eric De Maesschalck

Title:               Head Global e-Analytics, Corporate Analytical Sciences


UCB has been working for years to evolve from hybrid (paper + electronic systems to store the information) to paperless / digital laboratory processes.  The computerized systems landscape developed progressively to become a complex entanglement of applications, tools and processes.  Looking at it we can say “waouw” look at all these nice things we’ve put in place (THE WONDERS)

However, when launching a large Knowledge Management program aiming at extracting analytical data from the landscape, and trying to mix them in order to build knowledge, then your reaction becomes “OOOOPS”… How will we be able to combine and correlate data which are not necessarily structured and aligned (coding, naming convention) for that purpose? (THE DARK SIDE)


UCB paperless lab academyUCB is a global biopharmaceutical company focusing on creating value for people living with neurology and immunology conditions.

UCB’s ambition is to transform the lives of people living with severe diseases. We focus on neurology and immunology disorders – putting patients at the center of our world. We are Inspired by Patients. Driven by Science.

UCB is continuously working to advance science and embrace new knowledge. We are leveraging scientific advances and skills in areas such as genetics, biomarkers and human biology. Patients inspire us to bring them value through cutting-edge science, innovative drugs, and practical solutions – so that they and their carers can get on with their lives.