Press Release: PLA® Conferences to partner with IA-Meetings for its 5th Indian Edition.

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The Paperless Lab Academy® (PLA) is a leading conference about digital transformation of laboratory and quality processes. Above all, it is about mastering the management of the huge amount of data and information generated at the laboratory for research, development, innovation or quality control purposes.

Thanks to its new partnership with IA Meetings, the PLA will celebrate its 5th Indian edition on 15 and 16 October in Mumbai at the Holiday Inn International Airport.

The conference brings together industry leaders and solution providers in an environment designed to encourage mutual interaction and exchange of views during plenary sessions and themed interactive workshops. The conference also includes in-depth workshops, such as training sessions, to understand the why and how of the topics discussed.

Isabel Muñoz-Willery Ph.D., owner and event director of Paperless Lab Academy®, said:

“ We believe that PLA® conferences in India will reach a new level of delivery by partnering with IA Meetings. IA-Meetings brings a professional team with extensive experience in event management and will support us in meeting our standards and reputation while keeping the needs of the APAC industry in mind.”

 Ms. Bhanu Yadav, Director at IA-Meetings, commented:

 “ IA-Meetings is delighted to collaborate with Paperless Lab Academy® for the 5th Indian Edition, which enables us to build a platform that encourages exchange of knowledge and ideas for digital data management in laboratories and transform the field of lab informatics in India.”

About the Paperless Lab Academy®

The PLA® conferences take place annually in Europe ( 11th edition in 2024), India ( 5th edition in 2024) and the USA ( 2nd edition in 2025).

The PLA® is aimed at directors and managers of R&D, IT, QC, QA, Operational Excellence from the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, biotech, consumer goods, food and beverage, petrochemical and chemical industries.

The conference provides the ideal platform for everyone involved in the digital transformation journey for their laboratories operations.  They find a programme carefully crafted to discuss the most pressing challenges and exciting opportunities in the digital lab space.

About IA-Meetings

 IA-Meetings is a distinguished professional conference-organizing company boasting over two decades of expertise. With a global presence spanning offices in India, Singapore, UAE, and Canada, our seasoned team at IA Meetings is dedicated to delivering exceptional event experiences. We are committed to leveraging optimal resources, cutting-edge technology, unparalleled expertise, and personalized services to seamlessly orchestrate our clients’ events. Beyond merely organizing gatherings, we aspire to facilitate successful convergences of people that yield outcomes exceeding client expectations.



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