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Managing unstructured big data for document search and retrieval



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Name:         Murielle Lauglé

Title:           Global Solution Leader of R&D Translational Medicine IS platform



It is estimated that 80% of the world’s data is unstructured. In most of the case, it is very hard to retrieve and analyze the data and transform them into valuable insights.

In Sanofi Research and Development, research project teams face the challenge to access the right data at the right time. They spend a lot of time to manage data, search documents and analyze them.

With the Inquiro solution provided by Dexstr Company, Sanofi R&D accelerated the R&D digitalization process: the unstructured data are better organized and structured with corporate and external metadata. The project teams better manage the knowledge, ensure the traceability, the retrieval and sharing of the data.

This presentation will focus on different concrete business cases to illustrate how Sanofi R&D manages the unstructured content with the Inquiro Solution.

Company Introduction

sanofi logoSanofi is a global life sciences company committed to improving access to healthcare and supporting the people we serve throughout the continuum of care.

From prevention to treatment, Sanofi transforms scientific innovation into healthcare solutions, in human vaccines, rare diseases, multiple sclerosis, oncology, immunology, infectious diseases, diabetes and cardiovascular solutions and consumer healthcare.

More than 110,000 people at Sanofi are dedicated to make a difference on patients’ daily life, wherever they live and enable them to enjoy a healthier life.