Paperless Lab Academy® Partners are Solution and Service providers from the Lab Informatics industry.

Those companies are the ones making the Paperless Lab Academy® possible.

WEGA paperless lab academyWith over 27 years of experience of delivering effective solutions, we have established ourselves as a quality service provider for the Life Science R&D and IT sector. Our detailed attention to customers’ needs has resulted in successful open and interactive partnerships based on trust. With more than 75 carefully selected internal employee’s and a large network of specialized freelancers, wega has the capacity and resourcefulness to implement and staff larger projects effectively and efficiently.
Wega is a solution provider offering specialists and services covering the whole life cycle from process and requirement analysis to implementation and maintenance, utilizing our command of conceptualizing systems and an excellent knowledge of the current product market.
Wega consists of four competence centers which are closely collaborating to ensure end-to-end services in the Pharma & Life Science sector.




For those considering consolidating, integrating and symplifying scientific data management systems

The Paperless Lab Academy® is a great opportunity to get a good understanding of the industry offering. Each edition is supported by more than 20 solution and service providers every year. 

They come from Europe, USA, Canada, India ... and they offer you their latest solutions to your problems, latest recommendations for your concerns and share a good amount of user cases, white papers for you to understanding how other companies have define their digital strategies.

You'll find systems and also experts on how to best approach your digital journey.