Paperless Lab Academy® Partners are Solution and Service providers from the Lab Informatics industry.

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Optima is a LRMS - Laboratory Resource Management System, a web-based resource management tool that helps you plan and track the laboratory activities, coordinate your resources and generate reports to smartly forecast.
- Track your lab performance: Full visibility on your lab performance.
- Resource utilisation instrument usage and availability for allocation immediately visible in the weekly schedule with easily customisable reports.
- Monitor the process improvement: Set your lab goals in the application and monitor the achievement on a weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly basis.
- Communicate efficiently: Avoid endless e-mail and unnecessary meetings.
- Provide the lab workload information to your customers with automatic reporting and remote access to their project.
- Laboratory management system: Import information from any compatible laboratory management system. With Optima, laboratory activities can be easily automated.





For those considering consolidating, integrating and symplifying scientific data management systems

The Paperless Lab Academy® is a great opportunity to get a good understanding of the industry offering. Each edition is supported by more than 20 solution and service providers every year. 

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You'll find systems and also experts on how to best approach your digital journey.