Paperless Lab Academy® Partners are Solution and Service providers from the Lab Informatics industry.

Those companies are the ones making the Paperless Lab Academy® possible.

EUSOFT. Our aim is to contribute the growth and added value creation of analysis and quality control laboratories. Thanks to Eusoft.Lab, our Cloud LIMS in SaaS, it is possible to manage digitally the laboratory activities and data. We want to work with our customers as partners, helping to automate all their processes through project management and highly customizable solutions. We are able to help them with the whole laboratory management implementation process, from configuration to installation, from training to service and maintenance.
Since 1997, Eusoft has been focused in creating software to help managing testing activities, in compliance with quality standards regulations and the appropriate accreditation bodies.
Today Eusoft is a global company with more than 35 people and offices in Bari, Milan and London, and multiple international partnerships. Our continuous commitment is focus on maximizing company’s management system in order to increase our value proposition and customer satisfaction. Our quality system is based on Quality Assurance & Quality Control principles, with the aim of granting quality of the work and products and services’ quality by each company human resource.
EUSOFT considers data security a fundamental factor for its information assets and clients’ intellectual property protection. For this reason, Eusoft chose to build a management system in accordance with the international reference standards ISO 9001, and ISO / IEC 27001.




For those considering consolidating, integrating and symplifying scientific data management systems

The Paperless Lab Academy® is a great opportunity to get a good understanding of the industry offering. Each edition is supported by more than 20 solution and service providers every year. 

They come from Europe, USA, Canada, India ... and they offer you their latest solutions to your problems, latest recommendations for your concerns and share a good amount of user cases, white papers for you to understanding how other companies have define their digital strategies.

You'll find systems and also experts on how to best approach your digital journey.