[ WORKSHOP] Digitization from paper: easily convert your paper forms into digital records without compromise

Pierluigi Agazzi, Inpharmatic speaker workshop @PLA2021 Europe

Presenter: Pier Luigi Agazzi, Senior Validation Consultant & Partner at Inpharmatic

Graduated in Electronic Engineer (Master) in 1985, he attended some courses about AI at MIT in Boston and also a Master in Business Administration (MBA) at Politecnico di Milano.
From 1985 to 2000, he worked as an automation and process instrumentation engineer for chemical and pharmaceutical plants in international environments.
Since 2000, he is a Computerized System Validation Engineer and partner of Adeodata.
He took part in several 21 CFR Part 11 compliance assessment and gaps remediation plans for production and QC departments, working with ERP (SAP) and Electronic Batch Record Systems. He is also involved in several Data Integrity assessments.
He is an expert trainer and auditor specialized in computerized systems validation and Data Integrity compliance.
Since 1992, he’s an active member of GAMP Italia group and ISPE.


Whether you need to capture a measurement, enter additional data and perform calculation replacing an Excel spreadsheet or any paper document remaining in the laboratory including logbooks, we have the solution for you.

With our web and mobile application Dilab - Digital laboratory you can turn your data collection forms, spreadsheets and logbooks into electronic forms, that you can fill-in through any browser and approve with electronic signature. The original layout of your documents is retained, simplifying the adoption of digital forms by analysts.

Further, thanks to its native integration with our instrument integration platform, Dilab can automatically collect data from any instrument you have in your lab, read bar/QR-codes and capture pictures.



Why should you attend

  • Eliminate remaining paper documents from the laboratory
  • Digitize instrument and equipment logbooks
  • Integrate acquired measurements with additional data and calculations, without using spreadsheets
  • Integrate any of your laboratory instruments
  • Begin your step-by-step digitization journey
  • Avoid invasive and expensive digitization solutions


Who should benefit

  • Analyst, Supervisor, Quality Control Manager, Quality Assurance and IT department

Inpharmatic is a software development company specialized in software for the Pharma world. Inpharmatic has developed a software suite for the digitization of processes.

In particular for labs, Dilab - Digital laboratory consist of a paper-on-glass technology able to transform paper forms and logbooks in digital format. And Ioi - Integration of instruments allows to integrate any kind of lab instrument in a single data collection platform to easily manage their life cycle, from creation to review and approval, or the transfer to upper level systems (ELN or LIMS).