[WORKSHOP] Above the Clouds: On-demand Computing and the Laboratory of the Future

Roberto Tecco Labvantage speaker workshop Paperless Lab Academy

Presenter: Roberto Tecco, Head of Technical Sales Support Europe at Labvantage.

With deep expertise in the LIMS industry, Roberto and his team advise customers on the digitalization of their laboratories and the introduction and implementation of technologies to enable the laboratory of the future, covering LIMS, SDMS, Analytics and Search.


As laboratories evolve, so do their demands for efficiency, agility, and informed decision making.

Join our workshop to discover how embracing on-demand cloud technology is pivotal in achieving these goals.

In our interactive session, you'll gain insights into the indispensable role of cloud computing in shaping the lab of tomorrow.

Explore how LabVantage solutions with cloud capabilities empower you with AI-driven search, analysis, and automation.

Uncover real-world case studies showcasing the immediate and longterm benefits of leveraging cloud computing in laboratory workflows.

Why attending

Get a vision of future challenges for your organization and discover how AI can equip your lab to tackle them effectively by:

  • Streamlining the management of the five V's: Velocity, Volume, Value, Variety, and Veracity of data.
  • Enhancing capabilities for search, analytics, automation, and workflow management.
  • Designing an ecosystem that seamlessly supports end-to-end processes, enabling your teams to navigate through each phase swiftly and efficiently.

Who should benefit

Industries: Life Science, Pharma, Chemical, Food & Beverage, Oil and Gas, CRO
Departments: R&D, Lab Operations & Management, Quality, Manufacturing, Digitalization/IT
Roles: Head, Leader, Manager, Scientist, Technicians, IT Manager

A recognized leader in enterprise laboratory software solutions, LabVantage Solutions dedicates itself to improving customer outcomes by transforming data into knowledge.

The LabVantage informatics platform is highly configurable, integrated across a common architecture, and 100% browser-based to support hundreds of concurrent users. Deployed on-premise, via the cloud, or SaaS, it seamlessly interfaces with instruments and other enterprise systems – enabling true digital transformation.

The platform consists of the most modern laboratory information management system (LIMS) available, integrated electronic laboratory notebook (ELN), laboratory execution system (LES), scientific data management system (SDMS), and our advanced analytics solution (LabVantage Analytics); and for healthcare settings, a laboratory information system (LIS).

We support more than 1.500 global customer sites in the life sciences, pharmaceutical, medical device, biobank, food & beverage, consumer packaged goods, oil & gas, genetics/ diagnostics, and healthcare industries.

Headquartered in Somerset, NJ., with global offices, LabVantage has, for four decades, offered its comprehensive portfolio of products and services to enable customers to innovate faster in the R&D cycle, improve manufactured product quality, achieve accurate recordkeeping, and comply with regulatory requirements.

For more information, visit labvantage.com.