The Connected Scientist: More Productive Research through Smarter Lab Tools


Researchers have found that traceability and reproducibility are key in each scientific experiment. Addressing these traceability and reproducibility issues can now be done with Gilson Connected laboratory solutions. By adding connection to the iconic PIPETMAN, you can now seamlessly report all actions on the bench by sharing results with your lab manager or team and ensure complete traceability of the experiments.

Session learnings

Discover how connectivity can address:
- Traceability
- Reproducibility
- Experiment realization errors tracking

Areas covered in this session 

Life science, experiment workflow, traceability, reproducibility, ease of use, time-saving, pipettes, protocols, ELN, connected lab

Who should benefit

Lab researchers and lab managers from private industries (pharma, biotechs, CRO, agro/food/cosmetic labs) and public organizations (institutes, research labs)

Why should you attend 

Discover the future of your lab. Learn how to automatically track your pipetting tasks and all the environmental conditions of your experiment. Get rid of your old-fashioned lab notebook and enter the lab of the future! In this presentation, you will learn:
- How Gilson connected products are set up to carry a full experiment workflow
- How to gain complete traceability of your bench workflow, from protocol to results with an ELN integration
- Tips for reducing errors, saving time, and facilitating collaboration

Gilson Trackman Connected


TDeJouvencel Paperless Lab Academy

Name: Tiphaine de Jouvencel

Title: IoT MLH Product Manager 

GILSON Paperless Lab Academy

Gilson is a family-owned global manufacturer of liquid handling, purification and extraction solutions for the life sciences industry. We help researchers advance the pace of discovery by creating easy-to-use lab instruments that improve reproducibility and traceability. Since 1957, we’ve been developing innovative products such as PIPETMAN®. By partnering closely with the scientific community, we’re continuously advancing our product offerings and have added automated pipetting systems and software to our portfolio. Backed by worldwide R&D, service, and support, Gilson strives to enable verifiable science and make lab life easier for our customers.

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