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Roberto Castelnovo paperless lab academyRoberto Castelnovo, founder and owner at NL42 Consulting | Paperless Lab Academy, shares its professional expertize and experience in driving successful projects. Learn how to design the most adequate digital transformation strategy for your needs in a practical session. When it comes to digital transformation projects that aim for flawless paperless laboratory processes a good preparation is key. Such preparation requires considering several parameters such as change management, scope, technical and users requirements, business priorities and corporate commitment.


This training is an excellent opportunity to learn more about the topic and benefit the practical session

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June 18 - Roma | June 19 - Milano | June 25 - Madrid | June 26 - Barcelona

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Introduce the main concepts related to the digital transformation of the laboratories processes, providing concrete examples on how to prepare the project and successfully implement it.

  • Improve how project objectives are defined
  • Improve the quality of the documentation for the preparation of the project
  • Design the best system mapping according to your company’s needs
  • Improve how the business case is presented to the company’s management
  • Increase the effectiveness of the system selection
  • Reduce the implementation risks


Participants will learn how to:

  1. Set the stage for a digital transformation project
  2. Define how the software systems should fit into the overall strategy
  3. Select the systems that better suit to the company/laboratory needs
  4. Design an implementation plan to reduce the related risks

The training offers the opportunity to learn the principles on how to design, prepare and implement a digital transformation project for the laboratories. The attendees will have the opportunity to discuss concrete scenarios and prepare the ground for the journey to digitization. The training is adapted to the audience and typically designed for laboratory managers and scientists, IT staff, operational managers and senior managers.


The workshop starts with the presentation of the overall project of digital transformation, designing the critical steps to be performed.

After the initial presentation, concrete examples are discussed on how to design the project, define the objectives and ensure they are properly communicated within the company, the team members and the stakeholders. Concrete examples can be taken from the audience to explore the challenges related to the correct definition of the objectives, avoiding risks related to miscommunication, setting wrong expectations since the initiation phase.

The workshop then focuses on the preparation of project requirements, with hands-on activities to ensure that the audience is allowed to map the workshop outcome with real-life situations.

The workshop continues with the preparation of examples of system mapping and the business case.

Specific hints and tips for the selection process are delivered in an interactive manner in order to allow the audience to improve this critical aspect of the project and avoid pitfalls.

The workshop is concluded with the discussion of a typical project plan that can be used during the implementation