Wega Informatik: Focus on our Premium Sponsor at the Paperless Lab Academy® 2022 Europe

Wega Informatik at Paperless Lab Academy

We are glad to welcome, once again, one of the most faithful sponsor of the Paperless Lab Academy® since almost the beginning of its foundation. 

Wega Informatik, based Switzerland and in Germany, with more than 80 employees nowadays, is the preferred partner of IT and business departments to support their R&D and QC projects. They provide specialised services in the Life Science, Pharma and Healthcare industry, combining business, process and informatics knowledge: “Building the bridge between business and IT”

As such, they offer in-depth expertise in various areas, through the tight collaboration between their 4 dedicated  groups:

  • Clinical Development IT
  • Lab & Research IT
  • CSV & QA
  • IT Solutions

Wega Informatik has been sponsoring and supporting the Paperless Lab Academy® for years. Lately, always as Premium sponsor. In this pandemic time, Wega also has shown great support to the PLA initiatives and with remarkable collaborative attitude accepted the challenge to run 3 sessions at  the PLA2021 Europe virtual edition (see WEGA goes Live at the #PLA2021Europe.)

At the PLA2022 Europe, Daniel Juchli, Head of Lab & Research Informatics will be leading their workshop about user centric lab digitalisation. Daniel will develop on how to bring real value to the lab through flawless integration strategy. He’ll explain how data “automagically” follows you while working in the lab, in a non-invasive way. Data is transferred between instruments, ELN or LIMS but this does not require a big IT project or infrastructure.

Wega Informatik: Agile Validation

Why Agile Validation?

IT landscapes in companies evolve fast, which makes it necessary to be able to react quickly to these changes. Agile approaches have become commonly applied in software development as a way to successfully embrace frequent change and at the same time ensure that business needs are clearly understood.

Still, in GxP regulated environments, agile approaches tend to not be applied because of wrong assumptions: Contrary to the believe of many, Agile is NOT about chaos, freestyle, and absence of documentation.

In reality, successfully applying agile methodology always requires an even more precise process definition for team collaboration as one would do in a classical V-Model approach.

Successfully applying an agile approach bears the promise of increased efficiency and higher project velocity while keeping the quality standard at
the same high level fulfilling the required regulatory standards.

Wega Informatik: Audit and Inspection Support

How to prepare and stay ready for regulatory inspections.

Audits and authority inspections can have far-reaching organizational, production related and financial effects on a pharmaceutical company. In order to pass audits and inspections it is key that important measures must be taken: such as conducting trainings, preparations and continuous maintenance of readiness. The aim is to achieve a state of systems, documentation and processes that could be audited or inspected at any time.

Identifying deviations and weaknesses before an official inspection is better and easier from both a financial and a reputation point of view. Through targeted mock inspections, often also through inexpensive and relatively simple assessments, improvement measures can be defined and then implemented.

The situation of an inspection is very stressful. It is therefore important to train employees on how to behave in this kind of a situation. In addition, professional preparation gives you a safe feeling during the inspection.

Wega Informatik: Paperless Dissolution Lab

ARGUS/Dissolution is a scientific data integrity solution for dissolution testing in the pharmaceutical industry. Covering instrument control, data acquisition, processing and reporting, it conforms to the requirements of Annex 11 and 21 CFR Part 11. The software is consistent with the principles outlined by GLP, GMP and GAMP5 and designed for R&D and QC laboratories. 

Wega Informatik: Chromatography Data Systems (CDS) Services

Why you should appreciate and maintain your chromatography data system. Chromatography is a central technique in every analytical and scientific laboratory. There is a broad range of instrumentation on the market.

The desire of today’s analyst is to have a single and easy to use CDS, a control of all the chromatography Instruments  and  the CDS integrated in laboratory workflows

While Quality Assurance wants to ensure data integrity, digitally approve the validated results and comply with all regulations and standards

Last but not least, IT needs centralised, scalable, and stable software , lowest possible maintenance and little configuration effort

In addition to all above, cost efficiency and shift to the cloud are also nowadays key driving factors.

If you are aiming at driving real value to your laboratory, then Wega Informatik workshop is for you.


Join the #PLA2022Europe and attend the workshop, to get the maximum out of it!

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