WEGA goes Live at the #PLA2021Europe

Wega Informatik paperless lab academy 2021 europe

Wega a is Premium sponsor at the Paperless Lab Academy®, partnering every edition  and finding this platform the right place to be. At the online #PLA2021Europe, you’ll find multiple opportunities to learn from and interact with Wega Informatikexperts.

Wega Informatik AG, with 25 years of experience, is the preferred partner of IT and business departments to support their R&D and QC projects. their experts offer in-depth expertise in various areas to help your professionals to understand their business and technical needs and provide perfect support to find and establish a state of the art environment.

Through the tight collaboration between their 4 internal groups, Clinical Development IT, Lab & Research IT, CSV & QA and IT Solutions, Wega provides the full lifecycle support to your company.

11:00 – 11:30 am CEST
Workshop: Agile Validation in GMP projects – Onboarding a QA into the validation concept 

An online meeting between the Validation Expert, the Vendor SME and the QA of the LIMS project. The QA is new and needs to take over the responsibility from his predecessor who left the company. He knows agile framework from the theory and has only supported classical V-model validation projects.
See how the Validation Expert and the Vendor SME explain him the agile project setup and the validation concept in order to get the commitment of the new QA for the project.

IT landscape in companies changes extremely fast and it is necessary to be able to react quickly to these changes.
Agile approaches are nowadays very commonly used in many areas where SW development is used to be able to overcome these frequent changes and to ensure that business needs are clearly understood.

Still, in a GxP regulated environment, Agile approaches tend to not be applied because of wrong assumptions/understanding: Agile is NOT about Chaos, Freestyle, Absence of Documentation, as one can often hear.
In reality, successfully applying agile methodology always requires even more precise process definition for team collaboration as one would do in a classical V-model approach.

In this session, you will learn how the advantages of agile methodologies can be applied within GxP validation projects.

11:30 – 12:00 am CEST
 Live Q&A session with Mathias Fuchs, Evelyne Daniel and Andreas Wicki

The subsequent Q&A session as the new QA has tons of questions and is challenging the new agile approach. This session will be interactive, allowing the audience to also ask questions, express their doubts and share experiences.

 09:30 – 10:00 am CEST
Digital Lab in a Nutshell

How to apply connectivity and data standards to make your lab connected using FAIR data principles

This presentation shows how a digitalized lab can look like in real-life. Experience the application of standards to make your lab connected. Daniel Juchli will focus on how a digital workflow in a QC lab may look like and why standards help a lot to achieve the vision of a truly smart lab. 

Get a tangible proof that digitalization is not for the lab of the future, but for the lab of today.


Evelyne Daniel Paperless Lab Academy 2021 Europe

Evelyne Daniel, Senior CSV consultant at wega Informatik

Evelyne is working for more than 20 years in regulated environments and is acting since 2005 as Project Manager and Validation Lead in IT projects.
Evelyne successfully implemented and validated many systems, mainly in QA/QC/Manufacturing. For many years, Evelyne is looking into optimisation of validation strategies and documentation standards.
With the growing adoption of agile development frameworks, new validation concepts, adequate tools and skills are required. It is Evelyne’s ambition to actively contribute to the establishment of agile validation methodologies.

Mathias Fuchs, Senior CSV consultant at wega Informatik

Scrum Master, Agile Coach, IT Consultant and since 2011 Co-Moderator of the non profit Swiss ICT event series: “Agile Breakfast Basel”.
Since several years Mathias is engaged in all kinds of agile topics. Especially the reasons for success and failure of agile transitions is a major field of investigation and interest of Mathias.
Mathias successfully led several agile workshops and is speaker at conferences covering agile topics.

Daniel Juchli, Head of Lab & Research IT at wega Informatik AG, Switzerland and Chief Technical Officer at the SiLA Consortium

Daniel’s professional background is based on a dual qualification, as a chemist and as an IT professional. He has over 20 years of professional experience in both disciplines.
Daniel speaks both the language of scientists and IT experts and can translate between the participants in project teams. His life science knowledge enables him to bridge the gap between the needs of users and the technical possibilities of IT systems.
He is an expert in leading projects for the development of laboratory automation and IT solutions in life sciences environments, such as research and development laboratories or QC laboratories in regulated environments.
Daniel joined SiLA in 2014 as a representative of SiLA’s supporting Member wega Informatik. Since then, he has been instrumental in the development of SiLA 2.


Paperless Lab Academy 2021 EUROPE

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