DEXSTR & SoftNLabs Premium Sponsors at #PLA2018

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DEXSTR and SoftNLabs confirmed their strong presence at the Paperless Lab Academy as Premium Sponsors

Directly from France, two young leading  companies in their respectives offering  have decided to join efforts and  demonstrate proudly their  possibility to compete with international leading companies. From the Paperless Lab Academy organization we are glad to see young companies joining us and being active part of our  learning platform.

They come with strong energy impulsed by their young team and desire to show their product, supported by a user experience presentation at the Plenary Session. Murielle Lauglé, Global Solution Leader of R&D Translational Medicine IS platform at Sanofi will share her experience with Inquiro.

DEXSTR will run a workshop and Ms. Murielle Lauglé, Sanofi, will explain her own experience while using Inquiro

about DEXSTR;  Inquiro is their innovative Scientific Knowledge Management System (SKMS) that allows to manage vast quantities of data and transform it into knowledge.

DEXSTR knowledge mannagement system

The three  founders of  DEXSTR are bioinformatics experts with  different past professional experiences that finally took them to same conclusion. There are two major key challenges that laboratories are facing everyday :


  • The amount of time spent managing and searching for data,
  • The clear loss of revenue caused by a lack of access to data because information generated by laboratories was siloed.

The fact is that too many valuable information is unexploited.

  • 80% of the data generated is unstructured which represents an important lost profits that most companies are not even able to quantify
  • 80% of lab managers believe that integrating the data generated by their laboratories is a strategic challenge
  • 14.000 $ per year is the average annual value of time lost by one employee looking for information

At DEXSTR, they  wanted to provide a solution for scientists in response to these challenges, which is why we have developed and marketed a tool to simplify the management of digital data.

Integrated into the laboratory  information system, Inquiro centralizes all types of files in a single, extensible repository regardless of their source: instruments, file servers, computers or software (for example: ELN, LIMS). Inquiro’s technology automatically identifies the data, ease the access to everyone in the company,  unlock the full potentialof those data  and enhance  the value of the company’s scientific assets

About SoftNLabs: Laboratory Informatics IT services

SoftNLabs premium at PLA2018The two founders are informatics engineers with combined experiences and  in  lab informatics solutions among a wide range of industries (Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverage, Petrochemical, Fashion, etc.) in R&D, Quality Control and Manufacturing activities.

They cumulate a broad expetize on main lab informatics solutions of the market. They  can also develop specific software solutions and mobile applications able to work independently or to be integrated to the laboratory information system.

From one hand, SoftnLabs is IT Services Company providing a wide range of Professional Services and Solutions to any kind of laboratories. they can provide  the right resources, from junior to senior profiles, during any step of the lab informatic project.

SoftNLabs also provides Sales and Business Development Services to Software Editors and Instrument Manufacturers.  They can provide with complete sales organization to its customers to help them to grow their business.

DEXSTR and SoftNLabs will be running one the 20 workshops offered during the two days event.

As premium sponsors DEXSTR and SoftNLabs will be sponsoring the social event of the tuesday March 20th evening.


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