Workshop DEXSTR PLA2018

Solving the data problem



 DEXSTR paperless lab academy
DEXSTR paperless lab academy

Name:            Erwan David

Title:               Chief Technical Officer


Name:            Julien Alvo

Title:              Sales and marketing director


Presenters´s Biography

Erwan has over 10 years of experience in scientific IT projects in big pharma. He redesigned the compound logistics of a large pharma company, from robotic control to multi-site synchronization, and transformed an Enterprise Data Warehouse to manage new data types such as biologics and toxicological data. Most recently, Erwan provided big data capacity to the Sanofi translational medicine platform, which finally lead him to create DEXSTR with David Peyruc, CEO. 

Julien has 15 years of experience in Lab Informatics and in 2016, he created SoftNLabs, an IT Services company specializing in that very topic. Since 2017, Julien also became the Sales Director at DEXSTR.


Nowadays, most research activities generate an enormous amount of data. Some might say, an unmanageable amount. Mostly, it's data in a variety of file types that do not have a consistent structure, making it near impossible to collate, query or identify with any kind of efficiency. We call this kind of data 'unstructured data'. 

But what if you could automatically capture any unstructured data, from any source, in any format, integrating data from all your equipment and all your software in record time? And what if you could quickly find your scientific data, and anything related to it using technology developed in the field of Artificial Intelligence? And wouldn't it be a game changer if you could reveal correlations between data sets that were never before visible using a visual tool to easily identify research of unique and special interest?

Join our workshop and we'll show you how to do all of that using Inquiro, the first system to combine automatic metadata generation and intelligent annotation with scientific search for R&D environments. 

Inquiro, giving you greater insight.


Session Learning

  • The concept of Inquiro
  • Data Discovery
    • What is your data talking about?
    • How to better reorganise your data.
  • Laboratory Data
    • How to enrich your lab data.
    • How to stop wasting time and money duplicating work


Company Introduction


DEXSTR provides innovative software solutions to collect, enrich, exploit and share business knowledge. With Inquiro, DEXSTR offers a unique approach that turns scientific data into knowledge. Using Artificial Intelligence (AI), combined with scientific public ontologies, Inquiro transforms unstructured data into structured and actionable information.