Workshop AGILAB

Advanced self-service data analytics with AgiLab Science



Name:            Joachim Mohamed Ndiayeagilab at paperless lab academy

Title:              Chief Executive Officer



Presenter´s biography

Joaquim Mohamed has been a LIMS project manager for several years. He has led many projects integrating LIMS applications in forensic science, pharmaceuticals, fine chemicals and environment. A biologist by training, Mohamed holds a master’s in Bioinformatics and a second master’s degree in management of innovative projects.


From an end-user perspective, we will illustrate how to explore your data

  • Create rich and interactive visuals with drag and drop to compelling analysis
  • See patterns by selecting data in one visualization, which highlights related data in everything else on the screen,
  • Display automatically based on the data you select, changing intelligently as you add more attributes or new filters
  • Add computations, trends, regression, …

Session Learnings

  • Data entry results in flexible and interactive grid for a kinetic study
  • Get instant clarity with stunningly visual analysis and self-service discovery
  • Create new projects and freeze insights

Company Introduction


AgiLab provides Unifed Lab Digital Platform for scientific data management and collaboration across R&D, combining Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN), Lab Execution System (LES) and Laboratory Information System (LIMS) functionality into a single innovative system.

AgiLab leverages Oracle® technologies to offer a rich and scalable web based platform that will allow to ensure data integrity, traceability and regulatory compliance. With our core applications and functionnal modules, AgiLab Science supports operational process through:

  • quality compliance with FDA 21 CFR Part 11, ISO 17025, ISO 9000, Good Manufacturing Practice (GMPs),
  • data integration,
  • collaboration,
  • process automation.

See latest article on Agilab moving to Oracle Cloud (september 2017)

The installation of LIMS has allowed us to really improve the traceability of the samples, to reduce the risk of errors when entering data and sample identifications, because it has been custom-built according to our procedures. Marjorie CARIOU, The Laboratory of Anti-Doping Agency