Agilab LIMS Solutions moves to Oracle Cloud

Agilab LIMS Solutions

AgiLab is using Oracle Cloud and tools to supply innovative applications to laboratories.

Agilab has decided to move their LIMS solutions to Oracle cloud to help laboratories become more flexible.  Customers benefit from multi-functional web applications  allowing remote access  and with modern ergonomics. This is what AgiLab, editor of the eponymous software suite, has achieved by using the Oracle Application Express (APEX) environment and the Oracle IaaS and PaaS Clouds to develop its products.

During a recent interview with NL42 consulting, Mohamed-J. Ndiaye, CEO at AGILAB, commented:

Our philosophy is to design and develop applications for laboratories, providing a platform that supports both operational and decision-making processes at a really affordable cost.

In this aim, instead of using our own technical platform to develop and struggling with technical legacy, we prefer to use Oracle platform in order to produce and execute remote Web applications compatible with any browser, including mobiles.

Agilab Oracle Cloud

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Oracle APEX is the easiest and most enduring environment

For AgiLab, Oracle APEX seemed to be the easiest and most enduring development environment. The easiest because, when prototyping, they were able to develop quickly, using minimal coding, while concentrating primarily on the functional aspects of their products. And the most enduring because APEX is delivered with the Oracle Database. Oracle Database is an established market leader, particularly in a laboratory setting.

AgiLab solutions apply to laboratories from food-processing, chemistry, cosmetics, environment, pharmaceutical

AgiLab has enticed specialised laboratories from a variety of sectors with solutions that avoid the constraints of complex ergonomics and make it possible to support scientists everywhere, even away from their laboratories.

4 advantages using Oracle cloud in the laboratories

  1. Installing applications to a client’s datacenter is just a habit in this market. Nevertheless, AgiLab gradually looked around for a way of executing their applications from the Cloud, so that they could offer proper SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions to their clients, namely monthly subscriptions and no hardware to maintain in order to run the applications.
  2. The database is available as a PaaS (Platform as a Service) which means it doesn’t have to be installed and maintained, it is delivered online ready to be used.
  3. Oracle Cloud performances are generally 30% better than those from a popular public Cloud, for both queries to the PaaS database and calculations by applications executed in IaaS. The Oracle cloud brings security, performance and scalability.
  4. AgiLab´s customer can benefit from Oracle expertise and security compliance to manage their data at an affordable cost.

In the future, AgiLab hopes to further enhance its applications by integrating other functions available from the Oracle Cloud PaaS catalogue as Data Visualisation or Internet of Things (IoT).

About Agilab. 

AgiLab, Paperless Lab Academy Gold Sponsor of the 2017 edition,  has generated lot of interest during their workshop.

AgiLab provides a unique platform for scientific data management and collaboration across Research & Development and Quality Control.

AgiLab Science platform combines both Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) and Laboratory Information System (LIMS) technologies to deliver solutions that increase efficiency and quality in your laboratory.

AgiLab Science accelerates customer laboratory  deployment with specialized applications for Biology, Chemistry, Formulations, Microbiology and Quality Control and functional modules for processes such as Resource management, Instrument Management, Reagent Management and Quality management.


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