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PLA2023 10 years

From Raw Data to AI

10 live editions where the topics evolved from introducing the concept to presenting use cases demonstrating full implementation. Digital Twin, BlockChain, Cloud, Semantics, FAIR Principles, Standardisation, Internet of Lab Things, Automation, Globalisation, Data Quality, AI.


eData Lifecycle Discussions

Digital data have a specific lifecycle from their creation to final storing. At every step those data should be easily reachable and bring the necessary information to facilitate the decision making. Industry compliances also matter here and need to be covered.  Yet above all the right management of those data is crucial for its company business.

digital transformation process

Driving the Change Management

Managing a Digital Transformation project in your company for your laboratory and quality processes is not a flawless project. Beside Your processes and the adequate systems to be selected and implemented, every one that have been through it will always reinforce the point that getting your team on board is crucial.  The Human Factor is key for a successful digital transformation project.

Digital Data Management

Digital Data Management Topics

Topics covered are about Digital Data Management all along the eData lifecycle and all the related matters such as data integrity, data integration, data analytics, data standardisation, structured vs unstructured data, data search, machine learning, artificial intelligence, etc.

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PLA2023USA Media partners


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