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Connect Everything in the Lab & Beyond - What, Why, & How


CALIBER SPEAKER Paperless Lab Academy

Presenter: Marc Vorderman, Director Europe Region at Caliber Technologies

Marc Vorderman is a Business Information Technology professional with over 25 years of experience in the process manufacturing industry (pharma, food and chemicals). He has held various senior leadership positions at international operating enterprise software vendors. Marc worked with global manufacturing and healthcare companies in Noth America and Europe, Middle East & Africa region. He is specialized in the deployment of business applications and data, for day-to-day operations and as strategic problem-solving and decision-making instruments. His areas of expertise include Business solutions, ERP solutions, human resources, customer relationship management, supply chain management, regulatory compliance solutions, data science.


A Tomorrow-Ready Lab is built on the foundation of robust integrations. When everything in a lab (and beyond) seamlessly communicate and exchange critical information with each other, labs are better set up to face changes in regulatory, efficiency, and quality needs of today and tomorrow. Join us to discuss what needs to be connected, why lab components must interact, and how to successfully implement integrations.

Who should benefit

Lab Managers, Analysts, Executives/Decision makers, QC heads/executives, etc. of lifes ciences, pharma manufacturing

Session learnings

Learn the benefits of connecting systems and instruments; understand how integrations can result in tangible benefits; learn how to implement integrations successfully

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