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Discover How Your Teams Can Get Work Done Seamlessly with Benchling

Domenico Palumberi Benchling Paperless Lab Academy

Presenter: Domenico Palumberi, Scientific Solutions Consultant at Benchling

Domenico holds a Master's degree in Medical Biotechnology with a Ph.D. in Molecular Medicine from the University of Siena (Italy). He has over 10 years experience in R&D among Italian Institute of Technology (IIT), Columbia University and Karolinska Institutet.
After his academical experience, Domenico has been working as Head of Development in a CDMO (Pharem Biotech).

Since 2018, Domenico works as a Scientific Solutions Consultant in IT solutions for Life Science and helps customers finding compelling solutions that deliver value in order to unlock the power of biotechnology.


While today’s science may be complex, Benchling’s suite of applications makes it easy to get work done together in real time. With an intuitive interface, scientists can structure and streamline work across teams, samples, products, locations, and the entire R&D lifecycle. In this workshop, we’ll highlight how teams can work together in Benchling to:

* Log experiments and protocols, collate information, and record results in shared, cloud-based Notebook 
* Connect, contextualize, manage, and track samples, reagent vials, wells, batches and more with link to relevant results with Registry and Inventory
* Model and analyze biomolecule sequences with Molecular Biology
* Design, test, and optimize R&D processes with orchestrated process management with Workflows
* Extract meaningful, shared intelligence on operational and scientific success to make smarter decisions collectively with Insights 

Who Should Benefit 

  • Biotech Scientists
  • Biochemistry Scientists
  • R&D Leaders
  •  IT Specialists

Session Learning

  • Discover the power of sharing centralized and standardized R&D data at scale
  • See how productive scientists are across teams and sites when they work in one integrated solution
  • Check out how self-serve dashboards, reports, and advanced analytics based with real-time data makes decision making better and faster


Benchling at Paperless Lab Academy



Benchling is the pioneer of the R&D Cloud, software that powers the biotechnology industry. More than 200,000 scientists at over 600 companies and 7,000 research institutions globally have adopted Benchling’s R&D Cloud to make breakthrough discoveries and bring the next generation of medicines, food, and materials to market faster than ever before. The R&D Cloud helps these organizations modernize their scientific processes and accelerate collaboration so they can convert the complexity of biology into world-changing results.

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