PLA2023USA: Mastering your Data Management

PLA2023USA master data management

In a data-driven world, companies that succeed in gaining actionable insights through data management will be able to innovate faster, develop better strategies and manage change more efficiently.
Many organisations today, especially global organisations, have hundreds of separate applications and systems where data that crosses departments or divisions can easily become fragmented, duplicated and usually obsolete. When this is the case, answering even the most basic but critical questions about any kind of performance metric or KPI becomes a problem for an organisation.
Fundamentally, the need for accurate, timely information is acute, and with the proliferation of data sources, it is an ongoing challenge to manage them consistently and keep data definitions up to date so that all parts of an organisation are using the same information.

To meet this challenge, this PLA2023USA session will further explore the topic of mastering your data management with the fol

Transforming biomanufacturing: breaking through today’s digital technology tropes

Luke Guerrero QbD VisionPresenting Luke Guerrero, Chief Operating Officer @ QbD Vision

Luke has 20 years of experience managing software products & operations, including a current focus on architecting an end-to-end framework for CMC information. In his role at QbDVision, he oversees the core business operations, including teams for product development, customer deployments, and market expansion. Before joining QbDVision, he developed, grew, and led key business units focusing on software development and business consulting across various industries.

It’s finally here: pharma and biotech are seeing digital transformation projects and activities pick up across the board. The problem has shifted from priority and budget to a discussion on focus and starting points. As organizations scale their software usage, master data management becomes a conversation, especially when the lab meets enterprise. But is it the right discussion to have first? What are the blockers?

Luke talk will summarize the current state and suggests pathways for organizations that think differently and want to learn from the successes in biotech and other industries.

How communication and data standards enable the automation and data management lifecycle

Patrick Courtney SiLA ConsortiumPresenting Patrick Courtney, Board of Director @SiLA Consortium

Laboratory automation and data management remain challenging tasks, in part because of the diversity of needs, processes and tools. Managing such diversity through modularity and standardization has been a successful approach and is being applied in the laboratory.

However, the role of standards and ontologies is often poorly explained. We will explain how SiLA (Standardization in Lab Automation) and AnIML (Analytical Information Markup Language) are driving automation, data management, and machine learning.

SiLA ensures seamless instrument control and workflow orchestration, while AnIML structures data for consistent analysis and collaboration. Through real-world cases we will present the impact of standards in shaping modern laboratory practices and fostering innovation. Finally, some recently advances in closed loop systems to accelerate research will be presented.

Master data management  is in fact the reincarnation of the problem of how to manage the consistency and integrity of the myriads of data assets that exist across the enterprise.

This session will be held at the Paperless Lab Academy® USA Chapter on Day 2, November 16th from 15:00 to 16:30.

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