The Digitally Enabled Lab of The Future: From Virtual Reality to Practical Reality


Regardless of the type of analysis or science being conducted in a lab, a few elements are in common – a set of experiments or procedures are conducted on the basis of a certain hypothesis and the resulting data is analyzed to either prove or disprove the hypotheses. While technology has made labs more manageable and efficient, very little has been done to fundamentally transform the modern lab, and a truly “Digital Lab” remains elusive.

So why is this so hard?  And why have so many world-class organizations struggled to achieve their aspirations in this regard?  The answers lie as much (or more) in the area of human & organizational dynamics as they do in technology.  Having a clear & common understanding of the attributes of a successful solution, and executing against that vision at both an aspirational, as well as a foundational level provide a basis for success.

We describe a future in which a digitally-enhanced lab enables scientists to transform how their scientific and analytical work is conducted. From designing experiments using in-silico methods and interacting with intelligent, connected instruments that generate the right data, to AI enabled robotic co-workers and Machine Learning methods that enable scientists to conduct more impactful science faster, the digitally-enabled lab of the future will be central to how laboratory science is done across all industries.

We will outline 7 key principles and a practical roadmap necessary to transform the lab of today into a digitally-enabled lab of the…. not-too-distant future!


Pat Pijanowski Paperless Lab Academy

Name: Pat Pijanowski 

Title: Managing Director, Pharma & Life Sciences Practice

Company: Accenture Scientific Informatics Services


Mr. Pijanowski brings over 30 years of professional experience related to laboratory operations and scientific informatics. Throughout his career, Pat has served in various roles focusing on LIMS, Electronic Laboratory Notebooks, laboratory instrumentation, and related scientific data management systems.

He currently manages the Pharmaceuticals & Life Sciences consulting practice within the Accenture Scientific Informatics Services business unit (formerly LabAnswer). During the past 8 years, he has delivered strategic advisory services to many of the world’s top life sciences organizations.  Prior to joining LabAnswer, Pat served as the Chief Operating Officer for LabVantage Solutions, and prior to joining LabVantage, he served as the General Manager of the LIMS business unit within Applied Biosystems.

Accenture paperless lab academy

Accenture’s Scientific Informatics Services group is committed to helping our clients apply digital technologies to revolutionize scientific and laboratory processes across a variety of industries and spanning the entire product lifecycle. The group combines laboratory informatics expertise with strategic and business consulting capabilities, industry platforms, innovative approach, and global scale.  Leveraging digital technologies such as automation, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, analytics and cloud, in combination with a fundamental redesign of the scientific user experience, Accenture Scientific Informatics Services helps organizations better capture, manage, integrate and analyze complex scientific data. This can improve the discovery and manufacturing of new products, improve quality, ensure compliance, reduce time to market and improve operational efficiency.

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