Bolstering advancements in the life sciences industry– How BIOVIA is speeding up R&D processes

In today’s ever-changing landscape of the life science and healthcare industry, there is a need for quick decision making and simplified lab processes to shorten the time needed for products to launch in the market. Studies  have derived that about 70% of medical decisions are made based on laboratory data and this is a testament to the importance data plays in the industry. Traditional paper-based methods of recording data can lead to human error and inefficiencies when it is handled by different parties and could result in a lag in pushing products out to the market. 50% of pre-clinical studies end up giving irreproducible results resulting in a loss of USD$28 billion every year.  This leads to cost inefficiencies and tedious effort when needed to repeat studies for accurate insights. Unifying data is crucial in ensuring that no data is lost or inaccurately interpreted and managing such valuable data using conventional methods could be time-consuming and operationally challenging.

Digitalizing the entire laboratory workflow minimizes effort taken on nominal tasks and allows scientists to invest more time in making decisions that are supported by key insights, interpreted by digital tools. An integrated platform can support the management of samples, automate data capture, reduce error-prone processes and drive innovations in the industry with faster decision making and standardized data for accurate interpretation of medical insights.

BIOVIA, a brand of Dassault Systèmes offers a unique approach to unifying solutions and improve process workflows by supporting research, development, and analytics in the life sciences industry. Boasting a holistic environment that champions efficiency and improved data interpretation, BIOVIA accelerates development and innovation by simplifying lab processes for increased productivity while reducing costs for operational excellence.

Addressing roadblocks in life science labs with a single end-to-end integrated platform

In day-to-day laboratory workflows, various levels of management and planning is needed to support testing and launch products to the market. The multiple-step approach involves decision making on all fronts from planning to execution and is resource and data heavy. The involvement of multiple parties often leads disconnected workflows and introduces the opportunity for inaccuracies. BIOVIA ONE Lab eliminates such challenges and is designed to increase collaboration within organizations by harmonizing crucial data and processes in a single platform. BIOVIA ONE Lab supports various capabilities in life sciences labs:

Reduced costs with standardized processes: Lab Research and Development processes can be cost heavy with the need for multiple products and raw materials needed to facilitate testing and manufacturing. By incorporating standardized processes, BIOVIA ONE Lab supports the replicability and re-use of data for experiments. Using a web- and cloud-based interface, ONE Lab supports multiple workflows within a single platform, reducing the need for various systems such as ELNs, LIMS, and LES. As a result, ONE Lab aids with 80% of experiments being re-used and up to 30% reduction in raw material use.

Data Management and Workflow automation: With multiple steps and resources required, life sciences labs are heavily reliant on data that can help with decision making. Processes also involve tedious workflows which are approved and managed by different parties. BIOVIA ONE Lab consolidates such important data in a single unified platform and supports data management through the seamless coordination from various sources, databases, and other systems. This increases efficiencies in consolidating data from different sources and reduces errors.

Compliance: The life science industry is responsible for launching important products for medical purposes and disease management, which warrants extra regulations and scrutiny on processes to manage risks and remove any risk of detrimental effect. As such it is important for processes to be traceable and adhere strictly to current standards. BIOVIA ONE Lab provides helps manage compliance through audit trials, electronic signatures, and data security features. The use of BIOVIA ONE Lab can lead to 80% reduction in human errors and 85% improvement in data traceability.

Increased collaboration within the industry: Collaboration in the life sciences industry can bring about many benefits with the expertise of many professionals being incorporated for decision making. It can be challenging to access and consolidate insights and data from researchers that use different management tools. BIOVIA ONE Lab boosts collaboration by supporting various formats and tools while allowing for researchers to access data and analytics from a single source of truth.

Intuitive capture of instrument data: BIOVIA ONE Lab allows for the tracking of instrument usage, maintenance schedules, calibration, and performance. With BIOVIA ONE Lab, instruments are easily integrated into the platform, enabling users to access data and manage instruments from a single location. This allows results to be imported seamlessly and reduce transcription errors.

Using data for increased collaboration and increased efficiency within the industry

To eliminate traditional approaches to data capture, organizations have been adopting digital technology for various processes in the life sciences industry. With a unified landscape, BIOVIA ONE Lab encourages data capture, available in a single platform to accelerate processes and reduce tedious effort in workflows. With reduced manual effort and time needed for paperwork, researchers can dedicate their time to decision making and crucial processes within workflows. This in turn can boost cooperation within the industry when different parties can access the same data and insights for innovations. BIOVIA customers have achieved up to a 35% increase in efficiency through streamlined workflows.

From Research to Development: Multi-step processes harmonized into one platform

To successfully launch products to market in record time, the processes shift from research to development where insights are optimized for product development, before being assured for quality in QA/QC and the final step of manufacturing. The processes in each of these steps are tedious with multiple levels of testing and checks from different parties to ensure quality of products that are being launched. However, organizations still run the risk of errors in data transcription, increasing costs, and delays in launch of products to market. Scientists face challenges where processes require multiple informatics touchpoints.

BIOVIA ONE Lab is designed to optimize such processes by supporting the integration between various solutions such as ELN, LIMS, LES, inventory management and instrument management through a single end-to-end solution. Multiple processes and checkpoints can be managed through the integrated platform which improves data analysis and reduces time taken to manually derive insights for product development. BIOVIA supports various workflows from research to development to ease challenges that scientists face with data transcription and tedious processes.

With the reliance and use of different lab informatics point solutions such as ELNs in early research, and LIMS and LES common for process development and QC, there are set boundaries hampering data flow. Removing these boundaries by eliminating siloed systems, BIOVIA enables a holistic view of all processes from start to end and enable access at one-go. With access to project information at any time, BIOVIA ONE Lab brings data together for an overall view, providing stakeholders with the right information for decision making and analysis for future groundbreaking inventions.

BIOVIA transforms scientific innovation

In addition to ONE Lab, BIOVIA offers an extensive range of solutions focusing on transforming Research, Development, Manufacturing and Quality covering Biopharma Quality & Compliance, Data Science, Molecular Modeling & Simulation, Scientific Informatics, Formulations Design, and Manufacturing Analytics. These solutions make BIOVIA a trusted partner for nearly all aspects of life science product innovation and development.

BIOVIA has the potential to spur innovations in medical research with its unified ONE Lab solution, which ties in best practices with the latest features in technology to synergize R&D operations. BIOVIA ONE Lab can significantly improve the efficiency, accuracy, and reliability of laboratory data and procedures across product R&D, making it an essential tool for organizations to accelerate new therapies to market.

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