Advancing innovations and collaboration – How BIOVIA increases efficiency and cooperation in life science R&D

Advancing innovations and collaboration

In the fast-paced landscape of today’s life science and healthcare industry, there is a need to constantly adapt and improve lab operations to increase efficiency and maximize quality. Labs face the pressure of delivering results and key insights in record time to push products to market, and the use of traditional paper-based methods of recording data can lead to a loss in productivity, compliance issues and increased costs.

Digitalizing the laboratory workflow helps tackle challenges with inefficiencies and productivity by minimizing non-value tasks and minimizing the time needed to interpret data required for decision making. Ultimately this reduces the lab-to-market time of products and operational costs. Working in a unified “paperless” environment with automated data capture, management of samples, and lab test procedure execution allows scientists and stakeholders to collaborate seamlessly and utilize standardized data for further interpretation.

BIOVIA, a wholly owned subsidiary of Dassault Systèmes offers end-to-end and unified solutions that improves R&D processes in the life science industry for increased efficiency, significantly shortening the lab-to-market time. BIOVIA enables cooperation amongst collaborators by providing better access to data to derive at powerful insights for decision making and reducing physical testing. With the digitalization of healthcare and life sciences processes, BIOVIA drives operational excellence throughout the product lifecycle, boosting innovation in the industry.

Using a unified platform to tackle challenges present life science labs

BIOVIA ONE Lab is an integrated solution which streamlines research development processes to simplify scientists’ digital lives in the lab. BIOVIA ONE Lab is designed to address the challenges faced by life science labs:

  • Data management: Life science labs generate vast amounts of data and managing this data can be a major challenge. BIOVIA ONE Lab provides a centralized platform for managing data from multiple sources, including instruments, databases, and other systems. This helps to improve data quality, reduce errors, and increase efficiency.
  • Collaboration: Collaboration is essential in life science labs, but it can be difficult when researchers are working in different locations or using different tools. BIOVIA ONE Lab provides a collaborative environment that enables researchers to work together seamlessly, regardless of their location or the tools they are using.
  • Compliance: Life science labs are subject to strict regulations and standards, and compliance can be a major challenge. BIOVIA ONE Lab provides tools for managing compliance, including electronic signatures, audit trails, and data security features. This helps labs to meet regulatory requirements and maintain data integrity.
  • Workflow automation: Life science labs often have complex workflows that involve multiple steps and stakeholders. BIOVIA ONE Lab provides workflow automation tools that help to streamline these processes and reduce the risk of errors or delays. This can improve productivity and reduce costs.
  • Instrument integration: Instrument management is a critical aspect of laboratory operations, as it involves the tracking of instrument usage, maintenance schedules, calibration, and performance. With BIOVIA ONE Lab, instruments are easily integrated into the platform, enabling users to access data and manage instruments from a single location.

Going paperless – How BIOVIA optimizes the use of data for product development

Organizations have been increasingly adopting digital technology in an effort to “go paperless”. BIOVIA encourages the initiative by omitting the need to capture data on paper and allowing for a continuum of data that is recorded.  Apart from being able to access data in a single platform, BIOVIA boosts efficiency by helping organizations reduce inaccuracies when capturing data. The data that is captured is also crucial in accelerating the product lifecycle and BIOVIA optimizes this process by removing any discrepancies at the start. With the presence of critical information available at any time, there is a potential for increased partnerships within the ecosystem when data can be analyzed, and insights can be adapted for product development. Workflows within organizations can also be enhanced when manual paperwork and efforts are seamlessly replaced by digital automation via BIOVIA.

The time for boundaries has passed

As product development shifts from Research, to Development, to QA/QC and then Manufacturing, relevant data must be compiled and packaged up before being passed to the next part of the organization. Each step is time consuming, and introduces the possibility of data transcription errors, or loss of context. But even within one domain, using multiple different point solutions is cumbersome for scientists and can introduce errors.

In place of compartmentalized point solutions, BIOVIA ONE Lab eliminates the boundaries between solutions such as ELN, LIMS, LES, inventory management and instrument management—integrating all the capabilities in a single, unified solution. This approach reduces the need for manual data transcriptions and ensures that data is consistently and accurately captured across different systems. Additionally, a unified solution improves the efficiency of data analysis by providing a centralized location for accessing and analyzing data. This saves time and reduces the risk of errors that can occur when data is spread across multiple systems. Workflows also become seamless, with scientists operating in a single lab informatics environment, instead of having to operate multiple systems at once.

This also pays dividends when considering that different stages of the product lifecycle tend to rely on different lab informatics point solutions-ELNs are common in early research, LIMS and LES are more heavily used in process development and QC. As a project progresses, relevant data must be captured in different places, often in different formats, and it is a daunting task to get a good overview of all the data from these different silos. By eliminating these boundaries, BIOVIA ONE Lab brings all the core capabilities of disparate informatics solutions together and enables instant access to all relevant project information, regardless of what stage of product development the data was originally captured.

BIOVIA ONE Lab transforms scientific innovation

In addition to ONE Lab, BIOVIA offers an extensive range of solutions focusing on transforming Research, Development, Manufacturing and Quality covering Biopharma Quality & Compliance, Data Science, Molecular Modeling & Simulation, Scientific Informatics, Formulations Design, and Manufacturing Analytics. These solutions make BIOVIA a trusted partner for nearly all aspects of life science product innovation and development.

BIOVIA has the potential to spur innovations in medical research with its unified ONE Lab solution, which ties in best practices with the latest features in technology to synergize R&D operations. With features that are catered to increase cooperation between various stakeholders who exist within the same ecosystem, BIOVIA ONE Lab will play a crucial part in driving the next stage of product development for breakthroughs in the medical and health sciences industry.  BIOVIA ONE Lab can significantly improve the efficiency, accuracy, and reliability of laboratory data and procedures across product R&D, making it an essential tool for organizations to accelerate new therapies to market.

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