Collaboration, Harmonisation, Lab4.0, ROI, and Compliance: Workshops at the PLA2022 India

workshops at PLA2022India

Alongside the Paperless Lab Academy® plenary session, renowned for the quality of its rich and non-commercial content, is the Lab Informatics Showcase, where delegates can learn the latest from the industry in just 2 days of congress.

The Paperless Lab Academy® offers Premium and Gold Sponsors the opportunity to present their solutions and services to the participants and to hold discussions on important topics with their experts.

These are the product deep dive Workshops that will be held at #PLA2022India on 23 and 24 November at the Novotel Hyderabad Convention Centre.

How to Achieve High Productivity and Compliance with a Robust LIMS

From Caliber Technologies you are invited to discover and discuss about their experience about digital transformation project in the labs.  When labs undertake digital transformation, they look for ROIs like compliance, efficiency, profitability, etc. A robust LIMS system can ensure that these ROIs are met effectively.

Rajasekhar Gollapinni, Head-Global Delivery has led the implementation of India’s First 100% Paperless Lab. He will discuss about how a LIMS helps in productivity and compliance, how to ensure that the lab is chasing the right ROIs, and how to make the best use of a LIMS.

Practical applications of Data Integrity and Audit Trail Review

From Lonza Informatics you are invited to learn and discuss about the why, what, when, where, who and how of audit trail review. Understanding your Audit trail and the ability to review the data contained in it is essential to compliance.

Karthic Sreenivasan, Manager Informatics, will discuss about regulatory requirements around audit trail review and he will share examples of audit trail review strategies. During this 1-hour workshop, Lonza will demystify the audit trail by providing recommendations and examples of good vs bad audit trails and providing tools to evaluate your systems for inspection readiness.

Digitalization: the Lab of the Future and Lab 4.0

From Labware you are invited to discuss about the trend of the future laboratories. The Lab of the Future, Lab 4.0, is the collective name for the technologies and processes that will enable the next generation of scientists and researchers. Mark Gonzalez, Technical Director will discuss about how technology will enable the transformation of Laboratory processes along with their challenges and strategies.

Pharma R&D to Manufacturing : Importance of Digital Continuity

From DS Biovia, you are invited to learn about how Dassault Systèmes helps research labs, process development Labs, CROs, CMOs and CDMOs achieve collaborative innovation and operational excellence through digital continuity.

Basha Kodidela, BIOVIA Senior Manager, Technical Sales, APAC will explain why going paperless requires of digital continuity.

A collaborative data management tool for chemical and biological therapeutics

From CDD, Collaborative Drug Discovery, you are invited to learn about why a standardized tool is very much in demand to manage the big dataset and share it with collaborators.

There is a growing need to securely integrate public data with private data. Dr Antima Gupta, application scientist will present their cloud-based data management tool Collaborative Drug Discovery (CDD) Vault that provides a more collaborative hosted informatics technology. New approaches that would allow scientists to do efficient research in order to handle registration of complex chemicals (stereochemistry, mixtures, synthetic conjugates) and biologicals (nucleotides, amino acids and complex drug-like biological entities i.e., Antibody drug conjugates, PROTAC, molecule Glue) as well as assay data around these entities, all can be covered using CDD Vault.

The paperless life sciences value chain

From Global Value Web, you should expect a session discussing about the paperless life sciences value chain. Where Global Value Web’s portfolio of managed data science service contribute to a paperless life sciences industry. As digitization partner along your digital transformation journey’s, in turn Global Value Web will make Indian life science companies’ better partners to the global pharma & biotech (& medical device) industry.

The digitalisation journey toward the Industry 4.0

From Sparta Systems, part of Honeywell, you should expect a session discussing about any progress made since the concept of industry 4.0 introduction 10 years ago, have we made it more complex in an effort to get rid of paper and why digitalisation is to be considered just the beginning of the journey.

Join the discussion, attend the workshops, and take time for further discussions with your colleagues, speakers and vendors in the exhibition hall.

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Sponsors at the Paperless Lab Academy@ 2022 India

The laboratory informatics industry is one of the most comprehensive in terms of solutions offered around the world. During this 2-day congress, you will discover the wealth of the portfolio that this industry offers to laboratories

Whether you are a researcher aiming for creativity and innovation, a quality manager aiming for reproducibility and integrity, a lab manager aiming for efficiency and compliance, an operations manager aiming for business intelligence and data insight, or an IT partner aiming for consolidation, integration, and harmonisation, you will find the right people to talk to at the Paperless Lab Academy® Showcase.

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