Press Release: BASSETTI & DEXSTR Collaborations

Bassetti DEXSTR collaborations

BASSETTI & DEXSTR are collaborating on several large-scale projects, by jointly offering high-performance research tools related to artificial intelligence technologies. 

 Article written with David PEYRUC, CEO, and co-founder of DEXSTR. 

DEXSTR: a Scientific Knowledge Management System company

The company DEXSTR was created in 2014 by David PEYRUC and Erwan DAVID, both of whom have a scientific background, particularly in bioinformatics and life sciences. 

Their background in the Pharmaceutical industry is very close to the scientists for whom they set up IT solutions such as electronic laboratory notebooks or “data warehouse” for Research and Development data. 

DEXSTR, is a company that publishes and develops Inquiro software. This software is an “Insight Engine” for life sciences, which allows to leverage on scientific knowledge “Scientific Knowledge Management System”. 

BASSETTI: Management of Technical and Scientific Knowledge through TEEXMA®

The partnership with BASSETTI was a natural choice, because the software published by BASSETTI, TEEXMA® is specialized in the management of technical and scientific knowledge. Inquiro’s approach is based on the analysis of unstructured data (documents, large volumes of data such as file systems, servers or even massive external data sources or BIG DATA). 

The main principle of Inquiro is to know the field of activity of its users as well as the different data sources, internal or external to the company. It will be able to connect to an electronic laboratory notebook, a LIMS, a file server, or a DMS, for example. 

Associated with the Google-style search results offered by Inquiro are data visualization tools, with graphical representations that allow you to navigate through and cross-reference the data. 

We will retrieve the documents that are in these different data sources, we will pass our Artificial Intelligence algorithms, which will allow us to detect all the scientific entities of interest to the client, such as bacterial strains that we can find in an electronic laboratory notebook, or in a file server for example. Obviously, these detections are adapted to our client. –  David Peyruc –

 Inquiro integrated as an add-on module to TEEXMA®

In the 3 ongoing projects, Inquiro is integrated as an add-on module to TEEXMA®, to add new capabilities and functionalities around chemistry and more specifically on the search for chemical entities. This module, offered as a complement to TEEXMA®, allows you to search for molecules by identifying all the names used for each molecule, whether textual or visual. Inquiro and TEEXMA® are closely connected via connectors that allow them to exchange key data essential for information retrieval. The 3 ongoing projects are mainly, but not exclusively, chemistry oriented.

When we talk about Artificial Intelligence, we often talk about Deep Learning, Machine Learning, our approach is different, we rather do analysis of textual data that we call NLP (Natural Language Processing or automated language processing), with a lot of statistical algorithms, which will be able to identify the entities and determine their relevance. – David Peyruc –

The project approach is to be able to identify what is relevant to clients in order to target the effectiveness of the results. Our algorithms, which are already powerful as standard, are configured to adapt to the needs of the users. It is in this sense that scientific know-how brings all its added value.

The collaboration between BASSETTI and DEXSTR is promising, while the new technologies of BIG DATA and Artificial Intelligence are democratizing, the synergies are constantly deepening in order to offer companies more and more innovative solutions that meet the needs of experts.

The two companies are already working on projects to offer other specialized modules such as advanced DNA sequence search.

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BASSETTI DEXSTR collaborations

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