Paperless Lab Academy® lands in India

paperless lab academy lands in india

First edition in India of the Paperless Lab Academy event will take place on December, 2020.

Supported by the success of the European Editions and our sponsors,  the idea to run editions in India started to take consistency in 2019.

Behind the Scene of the PLA

If you are new to the Academy, you should know that behind the scene a young European consultancy firm, NL42 Consulting, dedicated to supporting companies in digitalising their laboratory and quality  processes is operating. NL42 born in 2012 and we soon realised that a learning platform for our customers would be really welcome. Senior Domain experts are behind this learning platform where scientific data management matters and Labs Informatics industry meet together.

So we build on a platform where to find further information on paperless projects, where to gain knowledge from though leaders, understand the offering from the software industry, discover innovative latest solutions, learn about newest concepts and methodologies, share experiences on digital strategies, scientific data management, requirements and compliance.

The cancelled 2020 live first edition in India







We were then ready to go for our very first in edition in Hyderabab by November this year. We visited
Hyderabad in November 2019 by the time of the Diwali and had just amazing time while staying at the Taj Krishna. Of course, we made a tour of hotel selection and finalised our process with the Novotel Congress Center. Due the pandemic situation, we ought to say the Novotel has been extremely comprehensive and help us to extend the contract to 2021. Anyhow, meanwhile we had to cancel the European edition planned by April 2020, and when recovered from the impact, we built on enough courage and energy to go for an Online edition.

What should you expect from our Online first Edition In India

The Paperless Lab Academy has gone paperless a while ago and all the logistics, information, agenda, schedule, sponsors content and interaction with attendees where already ran through  dedicated app. So in a way it was easy to think about using an App to support us.

Now, you can imagine that we have surprised or maybe even scared some event app vendors with our  selection process approach. As per laboratory systems solutions selection, following our own recommendations to our customers, we built on a solid list of technical, users and business requirements and then planned the implementation phases and validated the information workflows within the new virtual platform.

Attendify PLA2020India AppSo the plan is for you to access the presentations and sponsored workshops, interact with your peers and colleagues, attendees, speakers and contact our sponsors at their booth.

Once registered, you’ll have access to the virtual platform on your browser and also to an App version for your smartphone for easier chatting and follow up of the sessions along the 3 days event.

Do not miss the great pool of speakers we have put down for you. Topics will be all about Scientific Data Management from the most adequate raw data capture to Artificial intelligence.speakers PLA2020India

Note that the Event App will be launched by Wednesday November 18, 2020 and will remain open till December 16, 2020.


PLA2020 India


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