2019: When the Paperless Lab Academy has become Academy

2019 year in review

Paperless Lab Academy® the European Lab informatics learning platform becomes Academy

What has made the European congress Paperless Lab Academy®  kind of special from its beginning is its organisers. Independent consultants with strong domain expertise. They’ve combined sound technical knowledges and career paths in management roles at international companies of life science industry.

The Paperless Lab Academy® born in 2012 with the desire to bring a twofold opportunity to the laboratory directors and managers, their IT, Quality and production partners.

1) A platform where to discuss exhaustively all the concepts and methodologies about scientific data management

>> see #PLA2020 Keynote speakers

2) A showcase room where to interact with the solutions providers – the well-known and the newest

>> see #PLA2020 partners

Along the editions, more than 80 solutions providers from Europe, USA, Canada & India have come over and presented their latest offering. We´ve seen them evolving and some becoming even bigger setting fruitful partnership agreement, buying, merging. We´ve seen new young companies coming in with interesting innovative solutions.

Above all, we´ve seen an evolution within the laboratory solution providers moving from the key LIMS providers, turnkey solutions to very dedicated application for specific processes (R&D, drug discovery, environmental monitoring…), for specific needs like instruments integration, #Ioi, and  internet of lab things,#IoLT. Without mentioning the introduction of solutions Cloud based and the Software as a Service commercial approach.

From the market, the needs of the audience have also evolved and matured in a way. Moving from simple sample management requirements to stronger concerns like data integrity, to queries of controlling all over the complete data life cycle, to better understand how managing their master data, defining their company semantic rules, setting FAIR protocols for optimal saving and easy access to their data.

The Paperless Lab Academy®  is more than just a two-days European Congress 

The increasing number of concepts to be discussed and experts available to provide insights on ontology, change management, structured and unstructured data management, integration and integrity, digital transformation, paperless processes, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence… brought us to build on more than just on a two-day European congress.

The Paperless Lab Academy® owners decided to go for setting the basis of a global learning platform for those considering consolidating, integrating and simplifying scientific data management where to find peers and colleagues with same needs and contact laboratory solution providers.

When the PLA becomes an Academy

paperless lab academy Additionally to the European congress, the Academy has build on a new channels for sharing and providing industry news and educational information: Webinars and Training Courses.

in 2019, The PLA has delivered several training courses in Europe, India and at customer sites, organised webinars, publishes now monthly newsletters, and set partnership to increase content with well-known experts. The PLA has also set the ground for running an additional congress edition in Hyderabad, India by November 2020.

This is the mission we´ve set for us from NL42 consulting, consolidated now as a European based independent consulting firm, to invest our energy in providing the Paperless Lab Academy community with relevant content and provide latest news from the industry to keep you all in the know with Paperless Lab Projects!

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