Workshop ICSA

NevisData: Hardware-Cloud Software hybrid Solution or how to control the variable that affects the results


Name:         Àlvar Cuevas I Fajardo

Company: Instrumentos Científicos S.A. - ICSA

Title:             Project Manager (lab consultant & LIMS)



Presenter´s biography

Computer engineer, programmer, and consultant with more than 10 years of experience in the field of physical parameters detection in different companies in Spain, France, and Switzerland. In ICSA has designed the laboratory software content manager Nevis and the hardware platform NevisDATA and also works as a LIMS and general laboratory and efficiency organization consultant. 


Nowadays the laboratories that have already computerized their processes are unable to automatically record, store and associate to the samples the time/location data (collection, delivery and waypoints) and environmental data (temperature and humidity normally) of the specimens to analyze during the periods of transport, storage, conditioning, processing and sampling. These data, which do not correspond to the analytical results, are important in the final phase of the laboratory process because they can affect the quality and accuracy of these and are basic to see the big picture in the operation of the entire laboratory process.

Session Learning

  • Importance for the lab of registering systematically all the key parameters of the samples to be analyzed from the pre-sampling to the discard of the sample.
  • Solutions to perform the control and link between the time and environmental parameters and the samples to be analyzed within LIMS software.

Company Introduction


ICSA is a Spanish company with more than 30 years experience in offering solutions for laboratories. 

We work hard for integrating quality in the laboratory processes using different software dedicated platforms to ensure the following:

  • Data control and storage - NevisData
  • Document version control - NevisDocs
  • LIMS solutions for labs - NevisLims
  • CRM - NevisCRM
  • ERP -Nevis ERP
  • Statistics software for data mining - Nevis Statistics

We are present in very diverse industrial sectors: Environmental Labs, Pharma, Chemical industry and many others.