Workshop Cubuslab

Why an IoT-platform is essential for a sustainable digitization of laboratory processes


Name:          Dr. Dominic Lütjohann

Company:   Cubuslab GmbH

Title:             CEO, co-founder



Presenter´s biography

Dr. Dominic Lütjohann has an educational background in Computer Science and gained Life Science domain expertise during university research projects in the field of the Digital Lab. For over 15 years, he successfully delivered IT projects for enterprise customers in different areas.

As co-founder of cubuslab, his motivation is to deliver future-ready software systems to help making science faster and better.


In laboratories worldwide, a growing number of processes are being digitalized to improve and accelerate daily laboratory work: documenting and transferring process data and experiment results from multiple devices to ELN, LIMS or CDS system.

Current approaches of tdevice integration into workflows usually lack one or more crucial requirements: compatibility, scalability, ease-of-use for scientists, or the integration depth with existing systems, especially in large scale enterprise scenarios or the cloud.

Only an easy to use, vendor-neutral IoT platform, which connects all laboratory devices in a unified way can tackle this challenge, and enables researchers to virtually access all their relevant data from anywhere at any time.

Session Learning

In this workshop, attendees will learn how flexible and easy an IoT-Platform can solve the challenges of transforming current processes into digital, connected lab workflows. From the very beginning, the gains are visible: higher quality of documentation and reduced efforts which directly turn into savings for businesses.

  • An IoT platform provides real-time data for improved quality and automated documentation.
  • An IoT platform allows enterprises to achieve holistic data integrity throughout lab processes.
  • An IoT platform seamlessly connects devices, people and data.

Company Introduction

Cubus lab logo

cubuslab creates an Internet-of-Things platform, designed for the lab. We are focused on creating technology that will enable less obstructed and faster workflows, which makes the everyday life of scientists more manageable. The hardware of cubuslab links individual digital lab equipment to one larger system. Thus, a simple data exchange between all devices becomes possible. In addition to this, the software visualizes lab data in real time and can be used on every device such as smartphones, tablets or computers. In this way, processes in laboratories can be managed and analyzed more efficiently.