Workshop Core Informatics

A platform and application approach to genomics and biologics R&D


Name:         Jeff Noonan


Title:             Vice President, Business Development



Presenter´s biography

Jeff Noonan is Vice President of Business Development for Core Informatics, a leading information technology organization that provides 100% cloud-based data management solutions to scientific R&D organizations.  Jeff’s current professional focus is to expand Core Informatics’ Platform for Science application marketplace and partner network to streamline delivery of client software supporting biopharma & genomics research initiatives.  Prior to joining Core Informatics, Jeff was Director of Automated Chemistry & Site Head of FORMA Therapeutics’ Connecticut research facility.  Beyond FORMA, Jeff’s past employers include Neurogen Corporation and Bristol-Myers Squibb Company.


Implementing genomics and biopharma R&D software can be challenging and time consuming. This workshop will describe how pre-built applications from the Platform for Science Marketplace can simplify the implementation of these workflows. The apps from this rapidly expanding ecosystem benefit from capabilities of Core’s Platform for Science, including Core Connect, which streamlines platform integration with other software systems (via a standards-based API).

Session Learning

  • Overview of the NGS and Sanger sequencing app solutions that enable genomics data tracking from sample accessioning through sequencing.
  • Overview of biologics app solutions which support a variety of biopharma R&D processes including, but not limited to, registration, screening, cell culture, and inventory management.
  • Overview of Core Informatics’ latest product Core Connect.

Company Introduction

Founded by lab scientists who wanted to easily collect, store, access, and analyze scientific data, Core Informatics put scientific relationships and data integrity at the center of its platform from the start. Designed to run on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud, Core’s Platform for Science supports workflows across your scientific organization using a flexible and extensible data model. All Core products and application-based solutions work together on top of the Platform for Science, preserving a single point of truth for all of your data.