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A modern and lightweight approach to documenting experiments in a secure online ELN



Name:         Kellan GregoryCDD paperless lab academy sponsor

Title:             Director of Product Excellence




Presenter´s Biography

Kellan Gregory, Director of Product Excellence and member of Collaborative Drug Discovery (CDD)’s executive team, co-evolves the award-winning CDD Vault platform together with the global scientific community. Kellan works in the heart of silicon valley, creating practical software solutions derived from customer needs leveraging user-experience design principles. He is responsible for maintaining CDD’s healthy collaborative culture and excels by combining modern scientific, engineering, and design processes and best practices. Under his leadership, CDD Vault customer logins have consistently grown year-over-year.  He previously set up, managed, and scaled CDD’s customer support group. Before joining CDD in 2005, Kellan worked at BioRad and Libraria. He has a degree in Chemical Engineering with an emphasis in Biotechnology from Tufts University.


In this workshop attendees will learn how to capture and document drug discovery experiments within a securely hosted web ELN.    We’ll review the tools available to store, analyse, visualise and share chemistry and biological data. Further, attendees will learn how to collaborate on experiments, share annotations and mentor team mates and external collaborators in real time.

We will cover functionalities for Activity & Registration, Visualization, Inventory, and ELN. Web-based platforms are a natural fit for collaborations due to the economic, architectural, and design benefits of a single platform that transcends any one organization’s requirements. Working together, we will explore the future of successful scientific collaborations.

Session Learnings

  • Learn how easy electronic documentation of experiments can be
  • See a unified ELN for both chemistry and biology working together
  • Experience collaboration within notebook entries, share annotations and mentor teammates in real-time.

Company Introduction

CDD paperless lab academy sponsor

Collaborative Drug Discovery’s  flagship product, CDD Vault, is a secure hosted platform for management, analysis and sharing of biological and chemical information. It enables researchers to intuitively organize chemical structures and biological study data, and collaborate with partners through a straightforward web-interface. CDD Vault functionality includes Activity and Registration, Visualization, Modelling, Inventory and ELN.

“CDD Vault presents data and associated tools that capture the relationship between chemical structure and biological activity. Structure-Activity Relationship (SAR) data substantially improve the distributed drug discovery process.”Christopher Lipinski, PhD Pfizer, Retired - CDD Scientific Advisory Board

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