Phillipe Bouchat

P.Bouchat UCB

As digital project manager, responsible for lab areas, I came to the Paperless Lab Academy® 2023 at Baveno, Italy. It was a real opportunity to meet some of the key players in the Lab Informatic market via “Town hall” presentations, workshops and informal discussions. This gave me interesting and important insight for my job in next month/years. I recommend it to any IT/digital leader that want to increase his/her knowledge of the digital lab market and available technologies.

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Data Quality Empowers AI, ML and automation

Data quality is of critical importance, especially in the era of automated decisions, AI, ML and continuous process optimization. Corporations need to

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15 September 2023

Opening Session: Data-driven approach leads to innovation

Planning for Lab 4.0 is the central theme of the Paperless Lab Academy® India Chapter. The goal is to discuss how to get the most out of digitized la

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17 August 2023

Key Factors for successful implementations Session at the PLA2023India

As part of the Paperless Lab Academy® 2023 India program, a special session will be dedicated to a very pragmatic problem: How to ensure successful i

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14 August 2023