Terms & Conditions for Paid visitors to Paperless Lab Academy® Congress Live Edition


February 28, 2022, version 3

Why a paid pass?

The Paperless Lab Academy® congress editions are entirely supported by its sponsors. As such free entry is facilitated only to the persons working at companies owning a laboratory and potential buyers for our sponsors.

Consultants and representatives of solution providers that are not sponsoring the edition  they want to register to,  are offered a paid entry pass to benefit of content-rich presentations and interactions with attendees and vendors.


Delegate – The consultant or representative of a solution provider not sponsoring the congress and interested to join who pays the entry fee

NL42 – NL42 Business Management Consulting S.L. is the company owning the rights of the Paperless Lab Academy® and organizing the congress

Paid Pass process

  1. The delegate submits the required information through the Request Form
  2. A confirmation message is sent to the delegate’s email address that the purchase request has been successfully submitted. It includes a pdf copy of the submitted request of registration.
  3. A proforma Invoice is sent to the delegate’s email address within 2 working days.

It includes payment information.

  1. Payment can be done via:
    • Bank Transfer
    • Credit Card*
    • PayPal*

*Note that same information facilitated in this form should be provided in online payment system

  1. Once payment is received, a mail is sent to the delegate’s email address including:
    • Confirmation message of the registration to the event
    • Access to the Event App at the moment of its launch

Payment Terms

Payment is upon proforma invoice reception

No access to the event will be permitted until NL42 has received 100% of the payment

Conditions while Attending the Event

The event provides access to multiple information and a great networking opportunity, which is valuable for consultants and solution providers. The pass gives access to all the sessions of the event.

Note that access to the sponsored workshops is upon discretion of the corresponding hosting company.

This pass does not allow distribution, display, and demonstrations of products, technologies, and services, or company materials of any kind.

Respectful behaviour and business casual dressing are expected.

NL42 retains the right to refuse any registration if it believes the company and its representatives can cause prejudice to its sponsors or damage its image or its initiatives.

NL42 retains the right to manage the messages (delete, block or even refuse access to the event app) if it finds messages sent by the delegate unacceptable or inappropriate. In any case the fee will not be returned.

Contact info@paperlesslabacademy.com if you have any additional questions