Abbott Workshop 

A LIMS solution for Lab 4.0

Schüler Andreas workshop Starlims

Presenter: Andreas Schüler,  Technical Solution Design Manager at Abbott

Andreas Schüler worked as a Research Scientist at the University of Münster, specializing on analyzing big OMICS data sets with Bioinformatics and Data Science methods. After obtaining his PhD, Andreas left academia to join Abbott Informatics. Andreas has worked for Abbott Informatics in various roles, including contributions to product development, like the development of the STARLIMS-Allotrope interface, and as a Project Manager for an international LIMS implementation project with a customer working under GLP environment. Since 2019, Andreas leads the LIMS Business Consultant team for Abbott Informatics in the EMEA region.





Information technology has transformed the way laboratories operate through ever increasing degrees of automation. We have reached a point, where technology enables us to implement digital solutions that make paper reports completely superfluous for operating a laboratory while being fully compliant with ALCOA+ principles. This means that we can achieve true digital continuity, with our laboratory data being captured in digital form as early and as convenient as possible, and never leaving the digital medium except for on-demand printouts. What is key to making the most out of this transition towards a Lab 4.0, is to not naively translate old paper-based processes to fully digitalized ones, but rather to identify how digitalization can assist in optimizing your processes by means of capturing more data, and having this data more readily available for the users and for other systems in the IT landscape. A smart Lab 4.0 implementation will not just allow you to increase compliance and efficiency, but it also gets you into an optimal position to apply Business Intelligence and Predictive Analytics solutions to identify optimization potentials based on historical data and model future developments.

Session learnings

- Understand the role a LIMS solution plays within a Lab 4.0 implementation
- Become aware of the challenges that need to be tackled for a smart digitalization of your lab processes and how STARLIMS can help to overcome those challenges
- Learn how a Lab 4.0 implementation can support compliance and increase efficiency

Who should benefit 

Companies that wish to transform the way laboratory data is recorded and processed, towards a fully digitalized and paperless solution. Particularly companies that work in regulated industries.

Areas covered in this session 

Digitalization vs. Digital Transformation, Digital Transformation: cloud-based approach, process optimization, data integrity, customer examples.


Abbott Informatics (AI) provides leading Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) solutions that have served customers around the world for more than 36 years. The company’s flagship product, STARLIMS, helps improve the reliability of laboratory sampling processes, manage complex testing workflows and analytical methods, support compliance with global regulatory requirements and industry standards, and provide comprehensive reporting, monitoring and analysis capabilities. With multiple support centers throughout the world, AI solutions are used in labs across multiple industries and disciplines including pharma & biotech, life sciences, forensics, food & beverage, manufacturing, petrochemical refineries and oil & gas, chemical, public health, and environmental.