Presentation Vetter Pharma

Version control: the software industry's solution to data integrity problems 


Name:         DrKatrin Leinweber

Company:  Vetter Pharma-Fertigung GmbH & Co.KG

Title:            Process manager Paperless Lab


Presenter´s biography

Katrin has studied life sciences in Constance (Germany), as well as Arctic ecology and geology in Tromsø (Norway). Worked in tech support for

PhD’ed about coupled light & electron microscopy of diatom-bacteria biofilms, and about automating biofilm assays for the discovery of infochemicals.

Co-host of the podcast and interested in the symbiosis of science, society and technology.


Programmers need to be able to collaboratively write, review and repair software source code. Various source/change/version control systems have been adopted since the 1960s to retrace, attribute, backup and restore changes throughout a software’s lifecycle.

Since 2005 companies, research institutions and volunteer projects have converged on one such system: Git. This presentation will explain, why Git can be considered to have the last word on data integrity for all kinds of digital files. Most importantly, it puts the audit trail front and center, and (figuratively) expands it into 3D, so that review and continuous learning moves from possible to inevitable.

Because Git is Free and Open Source, a whole ecosystem of tools and workflows has sprung up to provide security features, automation options, easy-to-use interfaces and more. Thus, Git is no longer only useful for programming, but also for validation, data analytics, document & project management, and even for marketing, design, etc.

This presentation will explain Git's basic jargon, connect some of its core functions to pharma requirements and highlight potential use-cases in our industry and its regulators.

Company Introduction

screen-shot-2016-12-10-at-12-13-48Vetter is a leading specialist in aseptic filling and packaging of compounds into syringes, vials and cartridges. We support our customers from around the world from the early stages of clinical development all the way through to market launch and beyond.