Presentation Astrix

Internet of Laboratory Things – Visualizing your data and yielding important results without an army of data scientists


Name:          Ross Emerton

Company:  Astrix Technology Group

Title:             Vice President / Chief Architect


Presenter´s biography

Mr. Emerton has over 30 years of experience in information technology, covering industry verticals of Automotive, Banking, Chemical Communications, Consumer Products, Distribution and Logistics, Government, Hi-Tech/Semiconductors, Higher Education, Financial Services, Insurance, Manufacturing, Defense/ Aerospace, Pharmaceutical/Life Sciences, and Utilities. Mr. Emerton has broad exposure to enterprise software products and strategy, and has recently assisted customers with architecture and strategy initiatives in areas such as:

  • Transforming businesses to cloud computing
  • Enabling Internet of Things (IoT) in multiple industries
  • Data monetization.

His specialties include Enterprise Architecture, Solution Architecture Design, Applications and Technologies on multiple platforms.


Internet of Laboratory Things – Lessons Learned from Other Industries. The Internet of Things (IoT) is expected to become a large industry of its own, projected to hit the $7 trillion to $20 trillion revenue mark by 2020.  However, there still is a certain amount of hype and it may take a few years before industries see IoT fully mature as an integrated technology and become fully mainstream.  Since the term “IoT” was coined in 1999, industries have been working to apply the technologies to gain insight, save cost, and improve revenue.  The resulting explosion means smart devices are now in use in homes, as wearables, and in many industries. 

Ross Emerton, VP / Chief Architect from Astrix Technology Group will discuss 

  • Major benefits of IoT that may be applicable to the laboratory;
  • IoT lessons from other industries that are applicable to the Internet of Laboratory Things (IoLT), including 4 highly-applicable lessons dealing with data collection, data enrichment, visualization tools, and predictive analytics;
  • Applicable IoT challenges faced in other industries including cost, integration, security, and the application of industry-specific knowledge; and

Proven techniques for overcoming challenges: from strategy to implementation platforms and where the lessons learned can be applied.

Company Introduction

astir incAstrix, founded in 1995, is dedicated to providing informatics professional services and staffing services to the scientific community. Astrix's partners include many of the leading vendors in LIMS, ELN, Chem- and Bioinformatics. Astrix’s clients include federal, state, local government and industry leading private sector firms in the biotech, medical device, pharmaceutical, chemical, and food/beverage sectors.