Raise your Lab Efficiency and Profitability by improving your Resources Management

Optima Laboratory resource management system

[ Thursday, February 16 2023 | 15:30 CET | 09:30 EST | 20:00 IST ] 

The Paperless Lab Academy® is glad to propose, under the Academy Webinar Program umbrella, a presentation from Optima LRMS in which they will explain how a Laboratory Resource Management System can optimize the usage of your resources, reduce FTE costs related to scheduling and planning, generate a gain in productivity and forecast future needs.

Presenting: Roberto Castelnovo, CEO at Optima 

Roberto has a university degree in Computer Science from Milan University
He has worked more than thirty years in the area of laboratory information management and built a large experience in managing complex sales and services organizations to provide solutions at international level. He had the opportunity to work in multi-cultural and global environments, travelling all over the globe and dealing with complex environments, partnering with product managers, marketing team, R&D and quality at global level.
Roberto has also been responsible for the implementation of the project management methodology, based on the standards of the Project Management Institute, through all his European services teams.
In 2016, Roberto founded and developed Optima. Nowadays, he is CEO of a continuously increasing team.


One of the biggest challenges for laboratories is to carry out their projects and related tasks as effectively as possible. Effectiveness means delivering on commitments, higher customer satisfaction and thus profitability.
However, properly managing the various resources and coordinating the execution of tasks according to priorities or urgencies is overwhelming. Too many Excel files, too many parameters and too much wasted time in multiple, redundant communications. This could be easily digitised today by an LRMS like Optima. In this webinar, we explain how Optima can make your life easier and help lab managers make better decisions.

Who should attend

Lab managers, Lab supervisors, Lab analysts, Schedulers, Operational Excellence managers, IT partners

Key benefits

Attending this webinar, you will learn how to optimize the usage of your resources, reduce FTE costs related to scheduling and planning, generate a gain in productivity and forecast future needs.


One-hour free Online presentation includes Q&A session with the presenter/s
Access to the recorded session for the registrees

Optima LRMS - Laboratory Resource Management System, is a web-based resource management tool that helps you plan and track the laboratory activities, coordinate your resources and generate reports to smartly forecast. Activity scheduling and resource planning are critical areas for laboratories. Optima provides you with a single laboratory resource management tool capable of managing these critical issues and identifying existing gaps in processes.