Keynote Northwest Analytics

Transforming lab data into real-time actionable operational intelligence 


Name:            Louis Halvorsen

Company:     Northwest Analytics

Title:               CTO


Presenter´s biography

Mr. Halvorsen is responsible for overseeing the design, development and support of NWA’s software products, and manages the company’s highly-regarded technical support group. Since joining NWA in 1982, he has led the teams responsible for the development of NWA Manufacturing Intelligence Solutions.

He has also assisted numerous NWA clients in developing strategies for the successful implementation of their manufacturing and quality information systems. Prior to joining NWA, Mr. Halvorsen held management and technical positions in the analytical instrumentation field and worked in research and quality control as an industrial chemist.

He holds a B.S. from Oregon State University and is currently serving on the ISA S95 Standards Committee.


Manufacturers in the Process Industries (chemicals/petrochemicals, materials, pharmaceuticals, etc.) are increasingly under pressure to improve process yields,efficiency, and asset utilization and to eliminate unplanned downtime.  Leading companies are turning to Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence (EMI) solutions to achieve these goals.  Pharmaceutical manufacturers are also being compelled by regulators (FDA, EMA) to implement CPV (Continued Process Verification) where CPV Stage 3 is the functional equivalent to EMI.

Analytical laboratories are a key provider of data that is essential for implementing EMI/CPV solutions, with LIMS being the primary information system responsible for managing this data.  This gives laboratory managers a challenge and an opportunity to ensure that LIMS remains a significant contributor to the success of the enterprise.  Unfortunately, the apparent value of LIMS is often limited by technical and systemic issues that affect timeliness and the ability of process engineers and managers to effectively access and make use of the data.

The challenge for LIMS managers is to ensure that their LIMS is part of the complex data integration process that includes Process Historians, quality systems, MES, and ERP and that the data LIMS delivers is appropriate for real-time as well as long-term analytics.  The increasing use of multivariate models to monitor complexmanufacturing processes adds to the challenge.

This session will focus on how the current manufacturing information technology ecosystem has evolved to support EMI initiatives and how LIMS managers can best contribute to the delivery of real EMI benefits for their organizations.  Special attention will be paid to the equivalence of CPV initiatives in Pharmaceutical manufacturing and EMI.

Company Introduction

nwasoft_logoNorthwest Analytics (NWA) is an industry leader in delivering Manufacturing Intelligence and SPC software solutions to effectively manage and improve plant processes in manufacturing enterprises and supply chains.  We leverage our years of experience in the manufacturing industries to provide a powerful, easy-to-use suite of software with key emphasis on enterprise-wide data integration, analysis and visibility.