Demystifying the Cloud: How will it help my laboratory?


The Cloud can be a confusing concept, with many different offerings and solutions available.

This workshop will provide clarity and practical advice when selecting, deploying, maintaining and using Cloud-based solutions.

Session learnings

A clearer understanding of different Cloud options

Tips and Traps related to Cloud vs. Traditional deployments

Advice on addressing regulatory compliance with Cloud solutions

Areas covered in this session 

- Types of Cloud solutions

- Regulations

- Instrument and System connectivity via the Cloud

- Supporting your Cloud solution

- Testing, Qualification, and Validation


Who should benefit

End-users, System Administrators, IT architects, and other personnel.

Why should you attend 

Selecting a solution is tricky enough without adding the complexity of technological choices.

This workshop will provide insight into the benefits associated with different types of Cloud-based solutions.

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MGonzales Paperless Lab Academy

Name: Mark Gonzalez

Title: Technical Director




GLangrish Paperless Lab Academy

Name: Graham Langrish

Title: Sales Manager





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